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  1. Sorry about that, I logged on and at the same time was trying to win a memory stick off ebay, which I lost by .50 cents (or in England, 50 toppins is it called?) Uhh oohh, Mary Poppins flashback... Feeeddd the birds Toppins the bag Toppins Toppins Toppinssss the baaaaaaaag Back to reality. Yup, lost the memory stick so now I can't pictures of my clear skinned friends and feel unbelievably depressed. I'm really glad to hear that I made you laugh, but maybe I should be talking to that freind of
  2. Hey Vanessa/Rosie, I read most of your log and I'm very thankful for it because it helped me decide to take on accutane, BUT that is until I read your November post which stated that...Your Oil Is Coming Back??? That is not just a bad thing, that is the worst! I would go to your derm immediately and ask to extend your current treatment because contrary to what others might tell you to make you feel better, your oil should NOT be coming back at all. One of accutane's vital jobs is to severely
  3. Hey Laurel sorry for the late reply, the site is called canadadrugsonline.com. The link should take you directly to the site, but if it doesn't you can always copy and paste. I really do wish you the best and I hope that the treatment doesn't put you in financial drama. Best of Luck.
  4. That is bad news. What if your derm pushes you to up the dosage when you can't afford it? The worst part is that the manufactorers don't make 60mg pills, only 10, 20, and 40. I suppose its their way of fleecing even more money from people who have no other alternative. EVIL . So instead of paying less for one 60mg pill, you have to pay for one 40 AND one 20...again... . I completely agree with your stance with online pharmacies, but with how much this whole treatment is going to cost, I MU
  5. Thanks for the fast reply laurel, I called all the pharmacies in my area and Sams Club is the cheapest so you don't have to worry that your paying to much, but before I was about to buy I researched the net one last time and came across a canadian website that offers both the Brand and the Generic at almost the same price. With 20mg at 30 capules for $119.00 for the Brand name Accutane from which I read in various logs works better than the generic, but I don't put too much stock in that. As f
  6. Hey Laurel I'm in your exact same position when it comes to having to pay out-of-pocket for accutane. My insurance sent back a "medical exclusionary rider" because they stated my condition was pre-existing so now I have to pay out-of-pocket like you so could you tell me where you buy your accutane and which generic you're taking? Thanks
  7. Hey beatzzz, don't get discouraged about not receiving stacks of feedback. Most of the members here are much like me; we mostly read and only post when necessary. And I can definately relate to your situation where you have to see your friends in your 'current' condition. When my friends saw me at my worst, it wasn't what they said that got me heated, it was their look which came across as; "dam...what the fuck happen to you???" Of course you'll also get those silent jokes when they bag on y
  8. Hey droog, thank god I found this thread. I want to get on accutane in the worst way and like you I have done more than my fair share of research and can't stand having to wait for the derm, but where do you purchase the acutal accutane drug? Please reply soon so I can get on it as soon as possbile Thanks.
  9. For anyone without medical insurance, like myself hoping that somehow it could be purchased and cover the VERY expensive course of accutane, very very sad news - its not going to happen. I did an all-out-research marathon to find some way to purchase medical insurance to offset the cost of the accutane treatment, but every single major policy I checked (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Golden Rule, Humana, etc.) all have one clause that will prevent you from prescription (accutane) coverage; the rule of
  10. That's okay accutane anon, you've been a great help already and best of luck to you with your treatment. As for Simply_Me...are you serious??? That almost seems WAY too good to be true! . I'm really happy for you that you're getting a tremendous deal because from almost all the accutane experiences here that I've read each of their prespective insurance companies only covered the generic version, and capped off coverage at certain dosages, i.e. 80mgs. So I guess what I would love to have
  11. Wow, thanks accutane anon! Wonderful tips! Its extremely reassuring to know what to do when the side-effects do happen, so thanks! Unfortunately I do not have medical insurance and will have to pay for the 5 month treatment out of pocket so do you know where I can: 1) Have my bloodwork done thats cheaper than the major city hospital (They charge $75 just for the visit and $25 for the bloodwork! Outrageous!) 2) Which online pharmacy can you find the generic at the cheapest price? (Walgreens
  12. WOW. Two liters is a lot. How many times do you end up having to go to the bathroom everyday? Well, thank you for the tips, it seems that only a handful of people have some to offer.
  13. I'm really thankful for the people who have posted, but... What I really need are tips!!! I need to know what the side-effects are and what to do about each, such as this: Dry Lips : Aquaphor every hour I know that tip and a few others from reading the accutane experiences here, but I ,and I'm sure so many others out there reading this thread could really use additional knowledge when it comes to coping with accutane's side-effects. So now I ask the people using accutane or who have complet
  14. Thanks Vanessa for the fast response, I'll be looking foward to your advice regarding your experience with the side-effects. Simply, what other side-effects should I be worrying about that I don't know of and how could I go about preparing for them? Lemur thats so interesting because my derm asked me to choose between Retin-A Micro and Tazorac before taking Accutane because in my state its required by law that a derm prescribe something beforehand. I was not familiar at all with Tazorac so I
  15. First let me say... What a wonderful site! It’s so unreal to go from the 'real world' where the few (sometimes many) idiots that rome it, give you those rude glares , muffed laughs, and/or blatant acts of stupidity but then to come here, where people go out of their way to help you, not hurt you. As for me, I’ve finally decided to go on Accutane (Sotret) and will be starting (hopefully) right in the beginning of October, and I have this site to thank because from reading the per