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  1. Has anyone seen their hair shed stabilize over time?
  2. Does it bother you? or do you just deal with it? My hair is def. more limp.
  3. So I have been on Yasmin for about two months. My skin is great, but my hair is shedding more than usual. I'm not sure if it's because my body is getting used to the bcp and thats the way my body reacts to it or is that it is a side effect? Has anyone else experienced this and how did you cope with it? There are a few posts on this topic, but not too much. I really do hope its temporary and not an on going condition. I already have thin hair already. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. Do you get an intial breakout from applying it on your skin or taking it orally?
  5. If the pimple is fresh or newly formed, I would ice that sucker for about 30 seconds throughout the day. I know how you feel, I get that once in awhile and it is embarassing. If you really want to dry it out, apply tea tree oil and dry that sucker up! It will take awhile to go away though.
  6. Have you tried topical medication with saclyic acid or benzoyl perioxide? My sister had the same problem where she broke out on her forehead, but the rest of her skin is clear. The derm perscribed her differin and it worked. HOpefully, you will find something for you.
  7. Sounds like you are in a rut. Maybe a trip to your local mall or cosmetic counter may brighten up things?
  8. Do you moisturize everyday? If not, you should - twice a day. In the morning and evening. Your facewash or shampoo could be drying out your skin/scalp. Also, I would recommend washing your hair every other day. Washing your hair everyday strips your hair from your natural oils and can dry out your scalp. Hope this helps!
  9. So I've heard rave reviews about ACV, because it cleans out your body of toxins and what not. I'm tempted to try this, but I am on doxy as well. Do you think if I drink ACV orally and on the doxy pills, will it counteract the doxy? Has anyone had experience with apple cider vinegar along with your acne regime? Thanks!
  10. Can you update us on your progress? Hopefully, it will work out for you. I'm going to try applying Retin-A at night and see hwat happens. My insurance covers this, so it isn't too expensive.
  11. I saw a thread for this long time ago and wanted to revive it. Anyways, I have horrible horrible bacne. Bacne scars and active acne. Has anyone tried using Retin-A on their bacne? And how did it work out? I know it's suppose to help with acne scars, but I don't know about on your body. Advice is greatly appreciated!! Please help.
  12. It could be the type of makeup remover you are using. You can try vaseline or even baby shampoo.