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  1. i'm so glad some you are trying and have success. This week will be my one month using headnshoulder. It feels amazing not putting on acne cream each morning and night. if you hit the 2 weeks mark, you'll noticed your pimple will heal much faster. Some pimple will be gone overnight! That's how i noticed on my face.
  2. really, sorry about that. from day one i started the shampoo i didn't noticed any rash or purge in my acne. What kind did you use?? make sure you use the classic without any conditioner. And make sure you rinse your face clean without any shampoo residue left.
  3. great find! its said Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free, does anybody know if Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a good or bad thing? I noticed some of you are trying it out, if you can try to use the some only and nothing else.
  4. wow interesting! i'm quit sure that my condition is acne or i can be wrong. i get cyst once a while and i have quit a few indent scars from the cysts. Can a doctor diagnost it? If they knew i have PF they would have given me different pills instead of acne pills when i visit them. Or could that they can't tell a difference between PF and acne? i wash twice a day with the shampoo and nothing else; no pills or cream.
  5. no it does not leave any films behind; after washing with it, my face feels very smooth and clean. i don't know if it has pore cloggin ingredients but i noticed my pores are not clogged at all.
  6. i don't have to prove anything, you can believe it or not the choice is yours. I'm not here to sale a fucking damn product just simply let people know what worked for me.
  7. there are quit a few but get the Classic Clean without the Conditioner.
  8. i forgot to mention that i also use head and shoulder as a body wash too and it clear up my chest and back acne. Get the HnS without the conditioner.
  9. my acne condition was mild; one to two zits a week and oily skin. morning and night i would have to apply acne cream but now i no longer do that. i started washing my face with head and shoulder for 3 weeks now and the results are incredible. my skin is incredible soft and smooth, i wouldn't expect from a shampoo but its actually the best cleanser i've used. it does not dry out your skin or irritate it. My acne is gone, sometimes i get white head but it goes away in 3 days or less. the bes
  10. let it heals on its on please, don't put anything to speed up the healing process. If its cracking or ozzing please don't touch it and make sure its cleannn.
  11. again you can take that information and shovel up your sorry ass. Now fuck off with the B5, alot people of know about that shit, they don't need you to copy and paste a research about b5.
  12. free2live take that b5 of yours shovel up your ass ok!! We don't need you to spam with your crappy product.
  13. minocycline is much strong. Alot of people had success with that. My doctor prescribe minocycline at 200mg a day but i got off it after 3 weeks because it give me rashes and itch.
  14. people get frustrated sometimes, i blame it on the damn acne. its causing our emotional to sky rocketed sometimes but there's alot of love in this forum. Jabber keep us updated and good luck