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  1. by the way, I did a search on the message board "sonia dakar" and was able to read a few good posts on this product..
  2. I have actually used Sonya Dakar before... This is a great product.. I have the proof visit my site.. I stopped using Sonya cause I couldnt afford it..Now Ill be able to continue Sonya and will get good healthy lookin face.. Her products have lemon extracts and other good nature stuff.. I believe in her products.. I was extremely disapointed that 302 was making my problems worse.... Ill continue to use 302 till I get sonya on Tuesday..
  3. Today I offically gave up on the 302! How would this ever work... Treats scars but yet still having breakouts.. It is defeating the purpose! I have had better luck with Sonya Dakar... I just spent 345 dollars on a scar and acne regime.. Im soo fed up with everything... 302 is not making my skin look better at all.. Im very disappointed... Why i have faith in Sonya Dakar.. http://wisky2001.tripod.com/ If you look at page 2 you can see my dramatic results using sonya.. I stopped using it cause of
  4. Breaking out more and more now.. even after i have stopped the cleanser wash....
  5. Update: Almost a week now using the drops and cleanser.. I been breaking out alot, more then I ever have before... Ill keep u updated...
  6. Sooo far soo good.. Been doing my own regimen as first posted... No problems yet.. My skin is doing good with 302
  7. Got my 302 today!! Gonna post up my results everyweek.. By the way I continue to use BP... If it works fine, if not, oh well i tried..lol Cetaphil Wash 1. Cleanser 2. Toner 3. Drops BP Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. sooo people with acne can use 302 and not worry about breaking out? 302 helps acne? it would defeat the purpose to heal scars but yet continue getting acne...
  9. I just purchased the 302 cleanser and drops.. Was wondering how could i combine this with the BP remedy.. Is it possible to use 302 in the am.. and Acne remedy in the pm... I have breakout still... Using 302 and having acne would NOT help acne situation.. It would be dumb just to use 302 for scars and have no results for acne.. Just curious.. for acne i use.. salayic acid 2% and bp with mostruizer...
  10. hate to be a pain in the ass but today is monday and mail man just came...and with NO bp gel... i just want to recieve it a.s.a.p... i really need it...my Order # 399
  11. mail just came and still no sign of bp gel.... waiting and waiting... maybe ur gonna need to change 14 days to 20...lol.. this is crazy.. im breaking out because im waiting on the gel...im disappointed...sorry
  12. I ordered my gel on the 29th.. confirmation came on the 30th.. today is april 8, 2004 and still have not gotten my bp gel.. i live in usa, massachusetts.. never thought it would take this long.. Dan you should consider other shipping options like ups or something... I would be willing to pay extra.. that should be an option available.. every site i have purchased something from always has offered at least 5 shipping methods...
  13. After seeing those photos.. I truely believe someone should contact this doctor and let us know his regimen for scars... Cause im amazed by it.. Seriously, this doctor should be welcomed to this group.. maybe he could help us out... [-o<
  14. Sonya Dakar is truely effective w/ helping scars out.. I recommend this product over some of the products recommended here.. Christmas time I did a peel and it made my problems alot worse so Im back with sonya dakar... I will be posting new current pics on the site later on.. I have been 2 lazy to keep it updated.. I also just started using the hydroquinone with sonya dakar suntan lotion.. Progress is slow but its happening.. I ran out of sonya dakar so Im trying to fit 200 bucks in my budget ag
  15. so far i have had pretty good results.. im using the hydro plus sonya dakar w/sunscreen lotion... its look pretty good..little progress everyday!
  16. So far soooo good!! I like this stuff... Im seeing some improvement already... yeppy!! im being extra careful this time... last time i used this I never applied moisturizer..and it made my scars dark red.. so i put it away.. and like i said.. i just found it in my draw and wondered to try it or not.. but i like it...its been great....sooo far.. keeping my fingers crossed..
  17. Weird.... But i already like this stuff! I dunno if its just me tryin to imagine things but i think my skin is sucking this stuff up very nicely...wish me luck! luv u all
  18. ok thats great news... i was wondering how many times u use it per day and how u use it... i also wondered do u just apply it to the marks or entire area? i have some marks on my cheek would i have to apply it all over or just the marks? how long does it take to see results? my gf is leaving to florida tonight and will be back in 10 days.. do u think thats enough time to see results?
  19. Hi Guys.. I decided NOT to follow with the tanning session. But now im wondering about something, my doc. prescribed me hydroquinone like 80 bucks i paid about 6 months ago. I used it once but used it 2 many times many my marks irritated.. i put it away.. well going thru my draw today, i found it.. i would use this extremely careful this time.. by just using it once a day with a moisturizer.. do u think hydroquinone works? and how long do u think it takes? i have red mark that are just pissing m
  20. i get dark very quickly.. even if its just 1 tanning session.. last time i used tanning lotion..i got sooo red and my scars looked worse.. i think im going to be puttling a little bit of aloe vera before i step into the tanning bed.
  21. why not use aloe vera while tanning?
  22. listen guys! i need ur advice before i do anythin stupid.. i have a date today... i wanna look a little darker if possible.. i made an. apt for 1:55 now u gotta help me.. should i do it or not? my plan is using aloe vera 100% and a basic tan on the basic bed...what do u think
  23. Hey Guys.. i look pale and yucky.. I need a tan.. I was wondering if i could use aloe vera while tanning to try to help some scars. I have a olive color tone.. and my face is pretty pale right now.. a response soon would be appreciated..thanks
  24. Welcome to the club! Go see ur derm. a.s.a.p.. and keep it moisturized with aquaphor... I had a bad experience with acid peel also.. it burned my face... its healing now... I truely think this board should NOT recommend any strong acid solutions... Its really not helping anyone..just my opinion..