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  1. liqours doesn't affect my skin, i do drink sometimes but nothing happens. just giving me a drowsy good feeling. try drinking very hard drinks like gin and vodka... for a few shot you'll easily get drunk then stop
  2. i think for a good looking guy, he must be more concerned about his skin and acne
  3. no it doesn't/.... i do also have some weird circulation in my body but i can control my acne and pimples.. jsut a little magic of neem
  4. i if your bed is dirty sleep with shirt on... if you're sleeping with your neighbor's wife, don't forget to take it all off...
  5. try neem soap then after washing it put some scented neem oils on your back...
  6. i dont do aftershave... i shave every other day anyway...
  7. for me it takes a day only... i'll get rid of it as soon as its still a baby with my neem oil...
  8. Peanuts contain small micro ingredients like atoms called peanut atoms... this atoms can cause acne... i hope this helps