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  1. Actually, when I shave I feel a lot cleaner and my skin looks more clear... But, when I first started shaving, I found when I shaved my neck hair and then afterwards washed my neck with soap (as well as my face-- directly after shaving) I would break out.. That's the whole reason I had acne all over my neck before.... scooby2b2: I use foam-- Gillette foam for sensitive skin, along with an M3Power.
  2. How can you get shaving bumps? Do you guys shave against the grain or sideways or what? Also, how can an electric razor break you out? That's nearly impossible... it doesn't even touch your skin.
  3. Actually the funny thing is.. mine has already mostly shrank. Like.. I looked at it this morning... it's almost gone! (I've had one in the center of my chin before-- but it was there for ages..... didn't scar by the looks of it however, since I have hair growing out of where it used to be:D)
  4. Yeah.. sorry.. diameter. So wait, does this mean, I'm going to scar?
  5. Not really... If you can't deal with acne (and you're male), grow a beard. If you can't grow a beard, I suggest you stimulate your hair follicles to grow one.
  6. Just a "pimple"? Nothing bad? Not a cyst? 'Cause I hear stuff about cysts being bumps. :\
  7. I was looking at myself in the mirror.... to check for new acne... and I noticed something on my chin-- a bump.. It is pimpley-red.... and it just looks like a bump to me... It's blunt and its radius is about... 1.5cm What is this thing!?!?!? :\
  8. The first sentence gives me the idea you're Israeli, but the second sentence is throwing me off and giving me the idea you're from Iran/Afghanistan. Where're you from? :lol2: Oh... OK... I thought "born" in Arabic was walidt.... I guess it's different in Lebanese. Anyway.. shame on you.. not knowing your national language. And yes, in the French thing I was asking "Why don't you speak French?"
  9. lol, very simple my third language is spanish, although im not fluent in it yet OK OK, Lebanese Arabic time! Shooo heydeeeeeee? Inteeeee mabta7keeee francais? Translation: Whaaaaaat is thiiiisss? Youuuuu don't speeeeeak French? *Showing Lebanese Arabic's emphases on words * Pourquoi ne parles-tu pas français?
  10. LOL.... regretting posting about your leg acne?
  11. I wish. The Arabic language can be split into two divisions, dialectal and formal/written/classical. The spoken language is dialectal Arabic, and there are several kinds... Lebanese, Kuwaiti, Iraqi, Saudi Arabian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Tunisi, Sudani, Jordanian, Syrian, Palestinian, Omani and Emirate-i. Lebanese/Jordanian/Syrian/Palestinian are very similar to each other, but Lebanese people stress too much on some words. For example, "this" in Arabic is usually said as "hatha"; Lebanese peop
  12. You're Arabic too!? :D:O For me Arabic... but what's fucked up is I barely speak Arabic anymore-- I was born with it, moved to Australia, then came back and all of a sudden my English got a whole lot better than my Arabic. :\ It's weird. ya i was born in america but grew up around it, and im very fluent!! btw, from where in the mid east ur originally from?? Here is sum easier arabic then what Communist posted: �Š�„�„�Šآسر�†�Š�‡اجر�†�Š�„
  13. This is what I see when I read the Arabic text you got.. "Raportee kootaayii/aa dadgay tawanbaar fraans vaan 'anaraat jeenoo saaeedee khah (missing character from my system) l kee koordstaan ha (another missing character) yaamaneeraanee reekakharaawee baaraastany maafee mroovee kordsta." No clue what that means... also, might have transliterated wrong with the raa's with the accent, the yaa's with the accent and the waaws with the accent. Care to translate?