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  1. I can't find anyone else talking about this, is this entirely uncommon? It was really only during my last 6 weeks that I felt there was an improvement, but even then I was still breaking out and getting a couple of incredibly inflamed whiteheads and large cysts. I finished on Monday, and now I have two painful cysts and a whitehead I see coming up. What should I be expecting here? I've seen some people say their full improvement doesn't come until after they've been off it for a month or so. B
  2. three-and-a-half months and still no change I mean I don't really have a choice but to finish the course, but if I'm not clear by the time I'm off it, I'm just giving up on life.
  3. I was put on Lexapro (escitalopram) this week. Months of CBT haven't changed anything -- because Accutane hasn't changed anything. I'm not sure if it was the best thing, I didn't like the psychiatrist, and I don't have all of the symptoms of depression nor generalized nor social anxiety disorder. And then again, I don't think he got it because I don't look in the mirror obsessively (the opposite - I can't look in the mirror) nor obsess over other features or plastic surgery or that stuff. I was
  4. If you gave me one wish, that'd be it; if you gave me 10 seconds or 10 days to answer it.
  5. I really wish I could grow a beard, and I wonder if years and years of Duac has fucked up my follicles. Anyone know of any link? Because I tend to shave my neck and chin every day, and yet most of my face... I shave like once a week and I can't grow anything significant.
  6. awwww i love the video you posted. be mah friend.

  7. hate to say something like "it's not your scars, it's you" but hey, maybe it's that they feel you're uncomfortable, and maybe you are because of the scars, and that sense of uncomfortableness is making them feel awkward to be there, and they don't even know why you're acting that way. I have a friend on another message board who is pretty popular there, and she was accused by a user she met in real life of photoshopping acne out of her pics. Understandably her response was, "I'm not going to pu
  8. I had a few mild days this week and I felt kinda good. Yesterday, I had a new breakout on the side of my lips. And life sucked worse than usual. I feel like most importantly it devalues any of the words that come out of my mouth, so I'll avoid conversations, I'll avoid standing up for myself, and of course I can't even think about relationships while I'm like this because who could kiss me like this? But yeah, the whole being connected to speaking is I think what is the most crippling about it.
  9. CBT has not done shit for me. Although I tend to think BDD is like an eating disorder, and I can tell that my clinician knows nothing about eating disorders. I'm going on antidepressants and/or ADHD meds next week anyway. Really don't think antidepressants will do anything, it's the accutane from which I'm waiting for an impact.
  10. How do you guys handle the sensitive healing process of scabs and little flakes, especially on your face? I have one spot near my mouth that I feel like is perpetually raw and pink because no matter how delicate I try to be, I end up with a layer of the scab rinsing out in my hands.
  11. ugh, being on BP was annoying as hell because I wanted to wear bangs to hide my forehead, except them I'd end up with crusted BP in my hair from putting it on my forehead really hope Accutane kicks in soon
  12. So I've been on accutane for about 6 or 7 weeks now, and I'm seeing no change, which I know many people don't this quickly. But anyway, because my hands have been dry from the accutane, I've been using moisturizer a lot. I do a lot of washing at work, and we have moisturizer by the sink and someone just put in an "aloe and cucumber" lotion, and the backs my hands broke out in a dry bright red rash. I've found on here that some people get rashes from Accutane, but this would get worse throughout
  13. I guess therapy is helping with pieces of it, for example, when people tell me I look young, I would always make the immediate connection that it's because I must be "some pimply teenager." Maybe I just in fact look young and there's nothing wrong with that. But I feel like it's impossible to get rid of the feelings until I get rid of my acne, and I truly hate being myself for it, and these thoughts idunno it's like being possessed by something. It's even worse when I'm breaking out around my m