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  1. That's kinda what happened with me.. i used it for a few months, and my cheeks and jawline broke out pretty bad.
  2. I used it for two months, and I guess it was too harsh for my skin because I started getting bad bad acne all over my cheeks when they weren't there before. People say it's normal to break out a few weeks after using it, but it made me severely break out so I stopped
  3. Ok have been doing this for two weeks now... can't say it's doing much for my acne... BUT wow this thing got rid of my bad black heads on my nose.
  4. Just wondering... does milk make you break out?
  5. Exercising, sweating, and drinking lots of water is suppose to give u nice complexion right?
  6. I've tried it twice... so i can't say if it's improving my skin or not... soo more comments later =)
  7. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to bring up religion here, but I did have several guy friends who found a meaning to life after becoming christians...
  8. If you do ever pop it *should always avoid doing so* u should take some cotton n dip it in those hydrogen peroxide n apply it to the pimple u popped.
  9. I'm not dressing like a bum lol just nothing as nice as I was wearing before... like I won't wear tank tops/ or nice looking tops because they'll draw attention.. n then the attention will be on my face =X
  10. Aw.. cheer up... good things take a while to get... that goes for waiting for that special someone too. You'll find yours when you least expect it... I mean you are good looking...you'll definitely find that special somebody soon =)
  11. I think that goes for alot of stuff (proactiv, differin, retinae.. however u spell it) out there.. n you really can't tell which works for you or not. You'll always get mixed responses, n that just lands you right back at the beginning... so I suggest you give it a try. Most doctors/derms will suggest that you put it on a small area first just to see if your skin can take it n stuff.
  12. I can absolutely relate to this.... I don't bother dressing up in nice clothes anymore because my face has horrrible acne. I'm even afraid to see my old friends now.. n they think I just don't want to hang out with them anymore.
  13. When I decided to use proactiv i had mild acne... after about two months my acne became severe...