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  1. 2 words - SHEER COVER mineral make-up from the infomercial - EXCELLENT!!! AM
  2. where do you get your salicylic acid peel? does anyone kno how you an fit that in with a weekly cycle of usin glycolic peel also? or should i just stick with one? i would like to know about the salicylic peel!~ ←
  3. yeah, i've done glycolica and tca peels and the skin lookds great like a day or two after, then it gets like crepy, dried out. with the tac, your skin gets icky looking then flakes. this is normal and at the end you sking looks better than ever before. AM
  4. Lactic acid is better for fading red marks. I do a 40% Lactic Peel and it helps a lot. Anne Marie
  5. You guys should try the egg white/lemon mask talked about in other threads. WOW!!! for fading red marks and tightening pores. It's the best stuff I've used for red marks by far and i'm an avid peel user. Anne Marie
  6. Hey guys! Yep, i LOVE using peels. I've used glycolic 30%, lactic acid 40% (best for hyperpigmentation), salicylic 15% (great for de-clogging pores), salicylic 3% i used daily and it has helped out with breakouts very much. I have sensitive skin and the above worked fine for me. I've done 2 very light tca peels, only 8% but loved them nonetheless. I layered them too. With tca, you'll get the most peeling since it is considered a medium level peel rather than a superficial one. It's really grea