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  1. in my experience it make it better ;s maybe its cause i think that smoke has so much worse shit in it that it kills acne ;pbauhuah
  2. i think what you eat does affect your acne, if not directly than indirectly ;p and if you choose to follow a diet its gona take more than 2 weeks to see results, but people like us like to overdo with those diets so dont go crazy ;p about eating "bad" food night before and having 3 pimples next morning,...coincidence i think
  3. Me: hi God: Hello. What is your name? Me: God God: GOD rules. Me: hell yes! God: Heaven. Me: hell God: Heaven. Me: hell God: Heaven. Me: hell > heaven
  4. After i read that benzoyl peroxide kills acne bacteria using oxygen, a little bottle in my bathroom cought my attention. Big sign H2O2 [hydrogen peroxide] 3%. You are propably familiar with using a low grade 3% hydrogen peroxide on cuts and scrapes. Since it's a powerful oxidizer and acne doesn't like oxygen would it be any good if you'd use it to get rid off it? Even though i read it decays into plain water very quickly [ so i guess its pretty safe ] is it any good against acne? maybe its