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  1. loma lux acne pills have worked great for me for the past 2 weeks!
  2. I'm sure if you stop it'll progressively come back.. it's not a cure, like everything else it's a treatment. It doesn't have any side effects because it's homeopathic (natural) I'm sure it'll help your cystic acne... The best way to know is to try it. I know it has helped me out for sure. My main cause of acne is stress and lack of sleeping, I have 2 straight partying weekends where I haven't gotten one pimple.... I used to get at least one every fri or sat I stayed up partying... I'm pretty
  3. Alright just searched my way through carley & screw it, way too many people have had an initial breakout & always austininsteve comes defending it & telling them to wait 3 months. Screw that, I know many good treatments that will never give you an inital breakout. So far I'm good, although hoping someday I'll find a quick wash that along w/ acne pills will clear me up
  4. I forgot to mention I'm not past the three weeks mark, which is when you should really see the effects kicking in... If it stays this way or keeps improving I would be a really happy buyer. I think I'm about 99% clear pimple wise. The only bitch is the damn red marks from past acne which remain. If I were to have the red marks dissapear I would really be pretty much acne free like any other person !
  5. I'm half way throughout my second week of Lomalux acne pill and so far so good... They're no miracle but it really has cut my acne about half way & some pimples that I know would've been huge stay halfway & never blow up. This along w/ a wash type treatment is probably the best way to stay out of acne. I use a very complex combination of acne creams & have recently been intrigued by Carley's Clear & Smooth Skin Treatment because of the quickness of the 30 second face wash which
  6. I bought it last night, I'll tell you how it goes!
  7. About 2 years ago I tried the pills and they worked pretty good... However, I dropped it because the bp cream is 5% too overdrying and I found no use for, Thinking about it, those pills did a lot to clear me up that time... I think it's time to try it again, regardless of the cream or not! Thx!
  8. Yes, it's an Alpha Hydroxy Wash... However, I use the Winn Dixie vision, which is a little cheaper..... When the Acne Cure craze was on, everybody thought it was just as good and just as effective! & wsgmetal, thanks for your input and believing ... I estimate the price to be around $20 month if you get Dans BP or around $25 w/o, however you pay for all products separately so it doesn't hurt as much as shedding all the cash at once
  9. I suggest you guys give it a try.... it's really effective.... look beyond its simplicity.... I've never been this clear! It's based on the Acne Cure's method w/ Botchlas face wash idea + Dans Regimen at night!.... They all have proven to be extremely effective..... I combined them all, making sure to capture the effectiveness of each one and dropping its negatives... Suggestions: Leave Salicylic Acid Wash for 45 secs... Leave Glycolic Acid Wash for 2 mins... Leave BP wash for 30 secs... apply
  10. Alright guys, after 4 years of product testing & researching, I came up with the best treatment so far... This is how it goes: Morning: Salicylic Face Wash pHisoderm Facial Wash 4 Way Glycolic Face Wash Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser / Mask Pat Dry Moisturize Purpose SPF15 Moisturizer Night: Repeat Morning Routine including the moisturizing part. Apply a thin layer ofNeutrogena On The Spot 2.5% BP Cream all over affected area (on to
  11. Alright guys, starting tomorrow I'm on it.. I'll let you know of the progress.... I'm doing First 2 Weeks: AcneFree Second 2 Weeks: Modified Botchla Third 2 Weeks: Acne Cure I'll let you know how it goes...! Wish me (us) luck
  12. Has anyone noticed that everytime you start a good treatment it's wonderful at the beginning but within 2 to 3 weeks it stops working and leaves you wondering what the hell should I buy now? I'm starting to think this is not a coincidence nor a conspiracy to keep us on a search... One would think that bacteria adjusts to these products.... Some may ask "How can bacteria adjust to oxygen?" well, this is practically impossible, however we might be asking the wrong question, how about "how does ba
  13. its awesome for the first few weeks.. but like any other regimen after a while its crap!
  14. Guys, I'm testing this treatment which so far has been great.... Its easy and so far it goes far beyond any available right now, in effectiveness. I'll post more info when the tests have been completed. BTW, these are all products which you can get at your local walmart & gnc! So far, its been the only one that has stopped the weekly breakouts dead in its tracks... Please stay tunned!