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  1. heres a poem i wrote over a year ago You never told me you love me, but I love you, I thought you loved me, but that was not true, All the time I spent, and words I said, I thought you loved me, but you caused me to hurt instead, I hate that love can be so unfair, I love you, but for me you do not even care, you move on in your life like I am not even there, I really wish your love I could have won, But I cannot change what has been said and done, So in my mind I will make in place, where you
  2. dude tough it up.. for me tane helped my life 100% i used to be a cool kid in middle school. I had so many friends and I had many options when it came to girls i went out with like 5 of them in the 8th grade. Freshman year of high school i started getting pimples and acne. Sophmore and junior year i was the same cool dude as i was in 8th grade but i just didn't act to my potential. I just hid and stayed reserved. I only stayed friends with my closer friends. I stopped talking to everyone else.
  3. you're worrying too much.. there are like 10billion guys on the planet. You'll never know if you don't meet him and if things don't work out you still have over 9billion more
  4. practice talking to girls online. The internet is a girl simulator for real life. Just find them in chat rooms and aim for getting positive reactions from them.
  5. i agree with all you said except tatoos and raviolies and id like to add french fries and mechanical pencils
  6. there is a techno song called castles in the sky with those lyrics... good song
  7. it wasn't about that =/ just a story of how a fat ugly guy persisted and got a pretty girl... thought it might be inspirational but whatever, you're welcome
  8. the thing with acne however is athough is that we weren't born with it.. We have to live with remembering what it is like to be clear and not worrying about acne and feeling hot and sexy lol
  9. make a goal to try to get your acne controlled by college. A lot of people like college more than hs anyway. If ya go away to college like i want to do its like starting a whole new life. If you're in college already make a goal to get acne gone before you move on to the real world thats like starting a whole new life too.
  10. you should be happy that you are accutane though because the stuff really works and soon you will clear up. When i was on it my skin was terrible too, i dont even want to remember. Start planning some goals for when your acne free or somthing and it will help you endure the shitty times.
  11. will there be improvement on red marks if i only did the egg mask? because thats all im worried about getting rid of right now =/
  12. QUESTION!!! i got this in the mail finally. I don't have an oil free cleanser to apply first though, is this really necessary? or can i just wash my face and dry it and then use the GA?