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  1. Hey. I've been on Retin-A for a few months now for scarring and I've yet to have a day where I'm zit free. What's the deal? I had the initial break out phase and it's as if it never stopped. Only slowed down. Now I have at least 1-3 zits every day. When those go away I'll get a new one, then another one the next day and so on. I thought the zits were supposed to be completely gone after about 3 months.
  2. Is it a terrible thing to miss a dose of Retin-A? It's not a huge set back or anything is it?
  3. Well, I just started using Retin-A a month ago. I'll be honest with you, it was pure hell for the first couple of weeks. But that was probably b/c I was crying a lot. I can tell you one thing, if you're ever at a point in your life when you can't stop the tears DO NOT use retin-a. The salt from the tears was extremely painful. I also had an initial out break phase that's still going on. But other than the occasional one or 2 small zits that I get now it works beautifully. One more thing. It did
  4. Haha. I started using that about a week ago. It's great! Thanks. That one word made me feel better. lol
  5. How long is the initial break-out phase supposed to last while on Retin-A? I've been on it for at least 2 weeks and I did have a few pop up on my cheeks. But it seems that when those are starting to go away, new ones pop up. I'm starting to have a tiny break-out on my chin now. And I've noticed a couple of new ones on my left cheek. Is it possible that it was working at first and now it's not? Or am I still in the break-out phase?
  6. Well, here is my opinion. I do believe that it is a very good theory that acne is hereditary. My dad had it pretty bad. So bad that he used to have to go to the doctor to get the ones on his back lanced. My brother had it. And I have it. But I honestly don't think that there is a real explanation for why some get acne and others don't. I've read in some places that people who have acne produce more testosterone. There are a lot of theories out there. But I think the explanation could be just as
  7. Yep. I get them on my cheeks. RIGHT under scars that I already have there. I have my own post about those little bastards...Sorry, I'm kind of pissed off at my zits today.
  8. As far as retin-a is concerned, what they say about things getting worse before they get better is true. I have about 4 or 5 zits on my cheeks that have been there for a couple of weeks now. 2 or 3 of them are RIGHT under a couple of scars that I have from previous years. The zits are going away but veeery slowly. I'm worried about the fact that they're right where I have scarring. I'm afraid it could make them much worse. What can I do about it? Any words of wisdom?
  9. Ah. Thank you. Didn't even see an FAQ section. ADHD...::sigh::
  10. Since I've been here I've seen people write about different types of acne scars, like "rolling" or "ice pick", etc. I'm not quite sure what they are exactly. Can someone tell me the different types and a description of each...possibly? I hope it's not too much to ask. I did a search and wasn't able to come up with any very specific information. Thanks in advance everyone!
  11. Can you buy this Puredeming gel anywhere else other than the internet?
  12. No, I'm not on anything else. The main reason why I started using it was to get rid of the scarring I got from a few years ago. I was on accutane a while back and when that was done with I was left with some tiny indentations on my cheeks. I still have acne problems so the retin-a will definitely help with that. I don't really see how it will help the scarring though.
  13. Hey. I just started Retin-A micro a couple of weeks ago. One thing I'm wondering is how long you are supposed to use it. Is it something you have to use forever?Or is it something that you use for a specific amount of time and then stop? I have another appointment with my dermatologist but I figured I'd go ahead and ask here so I could find out quicker. I tend to be a little impatient sometimes.