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  1. I am using it right now. In the morning I wash my face with Clean and Clear Acne Cleanser 10%bp. At night, I wash my face again with the Clean and Clear wash and I lather my face with the pine tar and leave it on over night. From past experience, the pine tar soap didn't fully clear my acne, but when I leave it on overnight it "heals" your acne, reduces "redness", "diminishes" scars, and takes off "dead skin". I was still getting acne though :( So I added in the clean and clear and everything
  2. Yes! I used Alpha Hydroxy 8% (Walgreens brand) for about a month and my skin kept breaking out, just like you. It never got better :( Your skin could be different cause it works great for most people. It probably was just too harsh for my skin :( Good luck! =) Also, I have used Retin A for a month too, and it made my skin even worse. I broke out badly on my forhead and I never breakout on my forehead. Like I said, too strong for me ;)
  3. i saw your other thread about grandpas soap. you were having so much success. i think we can be our own worse enemies when it comes to skin. trust me im speaking for myself as well. i use grandpas thylox sulfur soap and have been for almost 7 months now and i know it can be drying and cause peeling therefore i dont need to use any exfoliating creams or anything. all i do is exfoliate every 2 weeks with a soft, gentle sponge. just from doing this my spots have faded a lot. you said you were lett
  4. Hello, Well, right now I am using Walgreen's Alpha Hydroxy Cream 8%. I have been using it for about a week and my face has broken out badly, I'm not sure if it is purging or what and I am picking, bad, I know...BUT...I have stoped. Just trying to control my urge to pick! I just wanted to know if my skin will get better and if anyone has had experience with this product? Also, I have been thinking about purchasing Aqua Glycolic cleanser or cream. Is glycolic the same as AHA? I am not quite
  5. I am very scared My sister will be 30 this year and she is pregnant with her second kid. I am now starting to think about me and within 4 to 5 years I will be wanting kids. I am already having nightmares of me being pregnant and running away from the hospital! I am really scared of the pain I am not really worried about my acne. My acne is mild and on and off. My sister has much worse acne than me, but after her first kid, her skin got better! Now I am jealous of her I am very scared My
  6. I know...everyone is very interested It's just such a great relief that all you could use is soap to clear your acne So my regimen so far is: Morning: 1. Wash my face with Grandpa's Thylox soap. 2. Wash face with any SA Cleanser because my face peels a lot. 3. Put on Aveeno lotion. 4. Lastly...makeup! Night: 1. Wash face with Grandpa's Thylox soap. 2. Wash face again with Grandpa's Thylox soap and leave it on my skin to dry overnight (It's not overdrying for me because my dace is VE