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  1. yeah that sounds great thanks, anyone else do anything different then Lug.
  2. Seeing that its neutrogena, and its designed to help with your complexion I would definetily say YES. Even though Ive never used toner though, so Im not an expert on the topic.
  3. Ok so Ive been on Dans regimen for about a month now and my acne is mostly cleared up just one or two pimples popping up about every 5-7 days. My pimples are gone but I still have the red aftermarks, so i bought neutrogena multivitamin lotion. How should I use the Multivitamin (SA) with the BP? Both morning and night? BP night, SA morning? I want my face to look the best possible during the day as well so which of the two products would help with that? I would appreciate any suggestion
  4. sow how has the lemon juice method worked for people? has it helped your redmarks? this method sounds like a myth, but i thought the same thing about honey too, and it works. So should I bother trying this? What are your results?
  5. I agree, its a load of crap. It says that products dont work on your acne, yet there are tons of us here that bp is working for us.
  6. i really have no answer for this and have wondered the same question myself since I started the regimen. My only theory on this is that your face gets so dried out from the bp that your body will now regularly create more oils to keep your face in its normal state. Now as you stay on the regimen your body will adjust and your skin wont dry out because your body is producing more oils. But when you stop the regimen to see if your acne is gone and will stay gone, your face continues to create
  7. yeah well I just got my facial yesterday, and i can say that it worked wonderfully. All my pimples are besically gone, or at least really small and smooth, no bump anywhere. Ofcourse I still have my red marks but thats a work in progress (neutorgena multivitamin). So my advice to you people is that for me it was worth the $50 CDN, and I recommend that you guys try them too. It doesn't get stop your acne from coming back of course, but with the regimen, I think I can keep it under control from
  8. another note for begonwithacne I also have the flakiness and discoloured skin. It looks like were in the same boat, so if you find a solution to it please tell me . And no the honey didn't help with the flakiness or the discoloured skin, I think it helps most for red marks. Also a question for begonwithacne is this area on your chin like mine or different place?
  9. Yeah I tried the honey method, and it does help in alot of area but it doesn't turn my skin back to my normal colour. It might be cuz my honey isn't natural I dont know. And what I've heard people say who use the honey method is this. Apply the honey whenever you think you need it, no specific time matters. I just wouldn't suggest putting it on after BP. Cover problem areas in honey. Just use enough so that it covers your skin but doesn't run down your face. Leave on for at least 15min (I've
  10. I was just wondering about facials. Has anyone gottn one, if so what did it do for your complexion/acne? If you dont know what a facial is (might use a different name in some countries, not sure) its when you go to a salon and they work on your face for 45min with vitamins and moisturizers etc.
  11. I've been hearing comments about this TAPE METHOD on the boards but have no clue what it is. Please tell if you know.
  12. My chin is my main acne problem area and also the place where I apply the most BP. The skin colour of my chin is changed to a slightly darker, but noticible colour. You can see the line where it starts if you look closely. My theories on this are either my BP cream + sun is tanning my skin, or my chin is too dry. Any theories on what caused this would be helpful, along with any suggestions on how to cure it. Also if anyone else has experienced this please say.
  13. This is the bp cream I am currently using. Its clearing up most of my acne, but it seems to be really harming my skin (really dry and tight and also changed skin to a darker colour where I apply the cream). I think PANOXYL is a canadian manufactured ao I dont know if many of you will have heard of it. Its 5% bp. So if you use this can you tell me how its working for you, and if you get any of the above symptoms. Also I would appreciate any suggestions on how to change my skin back to its nor
  14. What part of your face did it clear the red marks from if the multivitamin lotion worked for you? cheeks, chin, forehead etc. Also how do you guys apply, just to your redmarks, just to red marks and acne, or to your whole face? I would appreciate som answers. Thanx