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  1. Just wanted to chime in and express love for. . . It's absolutely perfect. Prior to using Complex 15, my skin was really struggling in its ability to handle BP without the Eucerin miracle-potion. HIGHLY recommend especially if you're prone to under-eye-wrinkle issues and/or overall dryness in general.
  2. That's actually not the right one -- "Skin Renewal" is the Eucerin-of-choice that mostly everyone loved and enjoyed. I may have asked this before, but what's everyone's opinion of this. . .?
  3. I used to do this all the time in the past -- it's really quite brilliant, and I don't know why I've let that routine go over time. . . Thanks for the advice. I'm surprised and glad to see people coming up with the same crazy methods as me.
  4. Right, but my problem is that my acne tends to surface right below the under-eye area, upon the upper area of my cheeks, near the nose. . .
  5. Bid


    So maybe a solution would be to moisturize the under-eye area, then apply BP to such a cautious degree that it almost seems pointless, and upon moisturizing the rest of the face, continue to be cautious and stay away from the under-eye area since that's already been moisturized. . .? I've always essentially done this, only with the exception of the last step -- I'd rub that moisturizer ALL over. . . Maybe that's where I'm going wrong too b/c I'm having the same wrinkle problems. . .
  6. Thanks for the replies, you guys. I really appreciate it. tdot, I'm both upset for you and glad at the fact that I'm not the only one with this problem. . . I've always viewed it as the one and only downfall of Dan's otherwise perfect solution to acne, but I'm starting to possibly consider another element to this problem. I believe that I've become so accustomed to the supreme moisturizing capabilities of Eucerin that I've let a bad, skin-drying cleanser go unnoticed in my two-year-long regimen
  7. I've always had issues with BP somehow seeping upward into my under-eye area and causing wrinkles and excessive dryness, but I've always been able to somewhat keep it to a minimum by applying the now-defunct Eucerin miracle potion moisturizer that everyone loved to the areas before applying BP around the other areas of my face with great caution. Now that I'm no longer using it, I've tried to maintain this routine to unfortunate results. . . And I'm kind of stumped as to how to handle it. I'm th
  8. I'm scared to wear any caps/hats in fear of bleaching the inner-area (not that that would probably really matter much anyway) -- anyone have any issues w/ this just out of curiousity?
  9. Hey, yeah -- definitely see the dermatologist... My story is quite different... I went in to seek help with shoulder/back acne, and I was prescribed the typical duac and retinee-micro stuff, but I was also prescribed this thick, brown sort of cleanser that was completely unrelated to acne altogether. Obviously confused, I looked it up on the internet, and it turned out to be a treatment for brown/red sort of discoloration of the skin...I wish I could remember any substantial facts for you regar
  10. I always have issues with the BP soaking/traveling up to my under-eye area, so I defnitley recommend putting a minor mount of any kind of moisturizer that you might be using there prior to applying BP...
  11. It looks like to me that it's a similar kind of skin issue that I had treated @ the dermatologist... So I would definitely see one b/c the medication is only one of prescription... I can't remember the name of the skin disorder for the life of me (wasn't really a major problem for me) but it definitely had to do w/ discoloration just like that...
  12. Bid


    I have a question: Anyone use an electric razor? What's the 411 with that?
  13. I've been doing the regimen for over a year now of and on, and I just recently realized that the cleansing step should be so short -- I had no idea -- so I'm completely w/ you... Seems so strange to me. I definitely cleanse longer at least on areas like my nose where a simple splash of water is certainly not gonna unclog those pores. I do see what Dan and y'all are saying though about the irritation... But I also definitely see where Dami4n is coming from.
  14. Yeah, I could never find it anywhere but for online. I'm gonna go ahead and get 2 bottles... Thanks for the heads up on the expiration date -- wasn't sure if it had one.