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  1. waaa just like my face T_T is this ACG and baking soda paste really works?!
  2. I'm already 19. I started having breakouts when I was in my HS freshmen yr... Ano nakapagpatanggal sakin ang kauna unahang labas ng panoxyl na buong face ko ay tadtad ng panoxyl. Nung mag 1st yr college ako nagbalikan ang mga tigidig d na effective ang mga panoxyl at BP, neutrogena at kung anu ano pa... pati eskinol etc... Ngayon Im taking Pills (gracial) pro im planning to switch to diane 35 for the next 3 months(Im taking it for 6 months only). My face is starting to clear up, prob is pim
  3. I'll try not to eat too much bread... and carb too.
  4. im new here anyway, my aunt told me that this semen thingy is effective, i just dont know if she's doing it, maybe a couple of friends told her bout this...