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  1. Hi stefany, Thanks for all your suggestions and info. I will talk to the Dr. about make up or any other meathod to cover my nose. I hope that I won't get any new acne by putting makeup.
  2. Hi Stefany, I'm getting my first TCA CROSS done next month by Dr.Ridenour(Only on my nose area). Can I face the public after two days without any makeup(I'm a male, so I don't like to put makeup). What should I cover it with? What if I cover it with a Adhesive Bandage for couple of days? I heard that the redness last upto about four weeks. Please let me know your suggestions. Thanks, Morris.
  3. Hi Stefany, I'm planing to try the TCA meathod. I have ice pick type scars on my nose(a lot ). Please, could you give me the phone number of your Doc. I'm in Minnesota. I will fly to Missouri If I can get your Doc's infor. Thanks! Morris
  4. MaryTheres, Are you from Minnesota? Because, one time you asked from me for a smoothbeam doc in MN. The one I refered to you was a male doc. Was your smoothbeam performed at a different clinic? How much did you pay? The one I know charges $500 per session. I'm looking for a less expensive clinic. Let me know. Thanks!
  5. morris


    Hi All, I'm planing to try needling at Transitions in Newyork. He(Frank at Transitions) uses a hand-tool for Needling. Do you think needling will create more tiny scars(like tiny pores) by the needle penetration? I have large pores, rolling type and ice pick type on my cheek and nose. Do you think needling(hand-tool) will repond positively on my type of scars? I would appreciate anybody's comments/suggestions. Thanks.
  6. MaryTheres, my first SB was only 20 days ago. I saw some improvement in my shallow scars/pores. Normally you would see good results after the third or fourth session(about 5 months later). I'm planing to have needling done before my next SB session.
  7. Islogen is currently beign tested for FDA approval in U.S.A. Islogen headquaters is in Texsas.
  8. jilly410, Yes, he is reputable. He's been shown in all of the four major local TV news networks. I had it done last month. The next session is on July. After the treatment, redness was there for 3-4 days. The Dr. was using level 13 out of 14 which is high and good for scars. The Dr. is very busy (over booked), so you better call them on Monday.
  9. morris


    Does any body knows of any needling/tatto-needling performed in Minnesota, U.S.A? There is one clinic which does the Roll-cit needling for $1900. I think that's way too expensive for Roll-cit needling. Denise2, Where did you got needling done? I'm even planing to fly out of state, rather than paying $1900 for Roll-cit. Please let me know. Thanks!
  10. jilly410 - Yes, there is a surgon in MN who does smoothbeam. The phone is : (952)929-8888 . Charges $500 per session.