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  1. Hi, I think dermabrassion is good only for people with white skin. I went to a Dr. and he showed me some pics of colored people who had done dermabrasion, It was real bad. Skin had many light patches all over. They will have to wear makeup for the rest of their life. I thought of not getting the treatment done. Colored people have to deal with scars and pigment issues.
  2. Hi Maya, I have a question for you. Currently I'm using the 55% Lactic Acid peel once a week for 7 minutes. Is it o.k to use it twice a week? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I have ice pick type scars on my nose. The best treatment is TCA 100%. On Dec 5th, I treated about 20 scars with TCA, and the results are pretty good. I was a little bit aggresive with the treatment. I don't think subcision will work good on nose. Even Dr.Rappaport does not suggest subcision on nose. Subcision works best for scars on your cheek area. After about 2 more TCA treatments I will try Dermabrasion to smooth the surface of the nose.
  4. Hi Animegirle, I have a question about Dermabrasion. Did you treated on any scars on your nose? How was the outcome? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, Anybody with tan skin had dermabrasion? I'm thinking of getting the treatment done. My only concern is the skin color/Pigment. I had two CO2 laser resurfacing treatments. It took about 13 months to get back the normal skin tone. Let me know. I would appreciate alot.
  6. Animegirle, Thanks for your advice. I'm white and south Asian mix, So i have tan color skin. My concern with Dermabrasion is the skin color. First, I might do a test patch to see the reaction. I have done two CO2 laser resurfacing procedures before.
  7. Animegirle, Did you notice any pigment change after your Dermabrasion? How long did it take to get back the nornal skin color after a Dermabrasion session?
  8. Hi All, I had the same problem(enlarged pores) with co2 laser. My laser doc told me to put Retin-A for five months( one month after my laser), but i did not. I think thats what cause me to have so many open pores. So now I'm doing TCA cross for the pores. How would you rate Dermabrasion for rolling type and for ice pick type scars on nose? It took about 13 months to get my normal skin color back after my CO2 laser.
  9. philMensa, About six months ago I found a place in Edina, that performed Rollcit needling meathod. But it was very expensive. They wanted $1900 for fullface. I have ice pick type scars on my nose. Currently i'm doing the TCA cross and smoothbeam.
  10. Hi All, Watch Extreme Makeover on ABC next thursday night. They have choosen a girl with Acne scars. It will be pretty amazing to see what techniques are used by the highly renowned Docs ( Hollywood Docs).
  11. Hi All, I found a good deal for SmoothBeam in Minnesota,USA. Full face 1 session = $200 Full face 4 seesions = $600 The place is called "Spamed". Following is the web link: http://www.spamed.net/skincare.html Phone : 952-926-3311
  12. Thanks Maya. So you dip the same toothpick over and over again during a single session. How many scars can you treat by dipping once? I have about 30 icepick type scars to treat. I'm very excited about my self treatmeny.
  13. Maya, I got my 100% 1oz TCA today. I'm planning to perform CROSS by my self. Did you dip the tooth pick inside the small bottle with TCA OR did you put a small amount of TCA on to a dish and then dip the tooth pick? Please let me know. Thanks!
  14. Thanks All. I just ordered 40% Lactic from makeup artist choice. I'll use it once a week.
  15. Hi ObiWontonKenoli, Do you think Glycholic 30% Or Lactic 40% good for brown skin people? Please let me know Thanks!
  16. Hi All, I'm happy to hear all the good results. I'm planning to use 30% Glycholic peel. But my only concern is the color of my skin. I'm from South Asia(brown skin). Do you'll think that I will have pigment issues? Also , what about using Retin-A on colored skin. I would greatly appreciate your advice/ideas. I hope in about 3-5 years there will be solid cures for acne scars. Then all of us can lead normal lifes. I've heard Isreal and India have begun a joint research program fo
  17. Hi rebellgyrl What is Exoderm? Does it work for Ice pick and pitted type scars? I would appreciate your input.
  18. Maya, I'm happy to hear the positive results. I have about 50+ ice pick type scars on my nose. Very depressing to see them every day. where Can I buy 50% TCA? Also, how do you know if it's real TCA? Let me know, I'm planning to try TCA by my self. Thanks!
  19. imbue, Dr.Ridenour charged $250. It's very reasonable comparing to Dr.Rappaports $950.
  20. Hi stefany, I had my second CROSS TCA treatment by Dr.Ridenour. Actually his assistant(Kristie) performed it. I had very good improvement from the first TCA. Kristie was not aggresive when poking the tooth pick on my scars. I think if she was a little bit aggresive, I would have seen much more improvement. When I had CROSS TCA with Dr.Rappaport (about 5 months ago in New Jersy),he would poke the tooth pick like a subcision needle(very aggresive). I'm not sure which approach is correct
  21. stefany, I'm slowly healing. The redness is still there. I have notice some improvement on my small ice pick type scars. Do you have scars on the nose ( small ice pick type)? I've heard that scars on the nose are very hard to treat. I think after about 4 TCA sessions, once the scars are filled, dermabrasion can further smooth the surface. Keep posting your improvement.
  22. Stefany, I did not ask Dr.Ridenour about dermabrasion. I'll ask him next time. How many TCA spots did Dr.Ridenour treated on you? I'll be using makeup for the first time in my life(guys are not makeup friendly). Can anybody notice if I put make up on my scabs? What is a good meathod to apply makeup? Your suggestions are very helpful. Thanks.
  23. Stefany, Thank you very much for the advice. I'll follow the routine you had suggested. So far I cannot give a honest % improvement. Give me about one month. I have so many small ice pick and open pore type scars on my nose(about 75). But Dr.Ridenour said it's not good to perform TCA on scars close to each other. So from 75 scars, he covered about 25. I'll need to go for atleast another 3 or 4 sessions. I was wondering if I should do a dermabrasion on my nose. It will cover the hole n
  24. Hi Stephany from Mo, I had a TCA 100% treatment with Dr.Ridenour and Kristie(assistant) on Friday. I still have white/red scabs. Did you buy the products they offer(Conditioning Solution,Complex HQ plus and Antibac loation) Please could you let me know the post treatment care you followed? For the 1-10 days I'll be doing the following: Cleanse ( proactive solution Cleanser) Antibac lotion on TCA spots Sunsreen 10-14 days: Cleanse Aquafor Sunsreen After 14 days: Cleanse Cond
  25. Hi Nottoobad, I'm getting the TCA 100% treatment done next week. How did you cover the area after the TCA? Did you go to work with scabs and redness? Did you face the public right after the treatment? Please let me know. Thanks, Morris.