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  1. Hello, Has anybody doe skin grafts(not punch grafts) on cheeks for scaring?
  2. Hi All, Today is my 6th month post Dermabrasion with Dr.Yaborough. I'm quite happy with my results. Can I use a Glycholic acid 10%,20% or 30% peel now? I hope it won't hinder the post dermabrasion healing process. I have few enlarge pores that I'm trying to cure/reduce the size. I should have had dermbrasion at the begining instead of my two co2 laser resurfacing treatments. Laser caused the enlarge pores. Is there anything that I can do to help maximize the post dermabrasion results( like
  3. methylprednisolone 4mg dospak ( generic for Medrol) Acyclovir 400mg tablets ( generic for Zovirax 400mg tablets) Flurazepam 30mg capsules ( generic for Dalmane 30mg capsules)
  4. Eddy, I don't think Dr.Y does punch grafts. Who was your Punch graft doctor? What was the size of the punch grafts? Seether, I took 14 days off work.
  5. Eddy, I had puch float on my nose with Dr.Yaborough. It did not work out good because my nose was so oily the tapes fell off before the skin had a chance to heal. I'm looking into Punch grafts in about five months time. Nose is very hard to treat. I don't think dermabrading the nose once will cure the problem. It may take three or four dermabrasions. Also it depends on the type of scar. Ice pick will be impossible without a punch meathod. His phone #: (504) 897-5899
  6. Hi, Have you guys used Proactive solution cleanser to wash your face every day. It has 2% BP. Does it dry the skin or bad for Acne?
  7. Animegirle or anybody, Today is day nine after my dermabrasion, Skin is healed but redish pink in color. I'm using Cetaphil cleanser and lotion. I have about 10 white heads, must be due to Vaseline. How did you treat the white heads after dermabrasion? What can I do to avoid white heads from popping up? Should I wash and cleanse my face about 5 times a day? Please Let me know. Thanks.
  8. Hi Animegirl or anybody, Today is day 7 after my full face dermabrasion. The skin is healed but very pink in color. When can I start using my normal daily skin care regiment(I use Proactive Solution cleanser and Retin-A) ? Please let me know. Thanks!
  9. Shady, I also have brown skin. I just had a full face dermabrasion last Monday. Hyperpigment can be treated by bleaching the skin. Hypopigment ( light skin color) is the problem. Doctors cannot treat Hypopigmentaion. Quite a few asians in this board had bermabrasion done.
  10. Hi anybody, When did you stoped using Vaseline after full face dermabrasion? Sixth day or etc... ? Let me know.Thanks
  11. I started at noon Thursday from LA and drove till 1AM non stop except for refueling. Slept inside the car for about two hours and continue till I reached MN. I did not put any sunscreen because, I had Vaseline on my face. It was cloudy and raining when I left LA. Cassandra is the best nurse I've had evere met in my life. She is kind and caring. Poe, When did you stoped applying Vaseline? Sixth day after dermabrasion? Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Portlandboy23, Since the dermabrasion my beard has grown about 1mm. Normaly it takes me about one month to grow about one inch of hair/beard. I thought of not shaving for about four months, so I can blend the skin around the neck. Yes, he did dermabrade just where the neck begins, so people cannot notice the difference in tone. Today is day four. I came home and took a shower. Cleaned my face with Colgate shaving form and apply Vaseline. Waite, Thanks for the infor. Cassandra gave me some t
  13. Craig, Today is day two after my procedure. I drove back to my hotel by myself after the procedure. It will be a long drive to MN with Vaseline dripping all over the neck. I'm feeling fine. I'll be in MN by friday in time for the Vikings and Gopher games.
  14. I booked my hotel from hotwire.com . $42 per night. I had my dermabrasion yesterday. I was wondering how was your ride back home(people who drove). I have to drive back to Minnesota(17 hour drive).
  15. hi all, I had my fullface dermabrasion yesterday. The only painfull part was when Dr.Yarborugh applied the freezing agent. Now my face is covered with a bandage. The face is very red. Thankyou all for the info on the makeup tips.
  16. Hi All, I'm having a full face dermabrasion with Dr.Yaborough on Nov 8th. Let me know if any of you'll have questions for Dr.Yaborough. I'm taking 14 days off work. Do you'll know of any good makeup for a guy? I think the redness will be there for three to eight weeks. I'm driving from MN.
  17. Hi all, I'm having a full face dermabrasion with Dr.Yaborough on Nov 08th. Do you'll know any good makeup for a guy/male? I'm taking 14 days off work. But people will still notice the redness on week three. I appreciate your input. Thanks, Morris
  18. Wildcard, Thanks for the infor. Do you know the name of the Doc? Scars on nose are very difficult to treat.
  19. Turtlebug, Thanks for informing me about Dr.Berman. Yes, he is in Palo Alto ,CA. I normally consult about 3 to 4 Doctors before I decide on a treatment. I'm sorry for what happened to you. Take care.
  20. Hi, I was wondering if you could take skin (about 3-4 cm in diameter) from another part of the body to cover a large area of scars on face. Not like the punch graft or punch float for treating tiny scars. Just like they treat burn victims. I was watching a TV documentary on how they fixed the face of Princess Diana's body guard(the only person to survive the accident). He had about 10000 different deep scars and cuts. After the procedures his skin looked like baby smooth. I guess if you ca
  21. Hi all, Dr.Berman in California told me that if a person has many icepick/box/rolling scars in oneplace (ex. cheeks, nose) then Punch grafts are the best treatment (not Punch floats). Punch Grafts will get rid of scars 100%. After Punch grafts they would dermabrade the skin. This has work wonders for acne scars on nose. I was wondering if anybody here had the treatment. Please let me know. Thanks.
  22. Animegirle or anybody, I'm thinking of getting Punch grafts. It take skin from behind of your ear and suture the skin. Do you see the suture line after dermabrading the skin? I'm planning Punch grafts for my nose and cheeks. Please let me know. Thanks.
  23. Poe, I also have scars on my nose( ice pick and enlarge pores). Do you think some kind of puch technique will work? I'm going to see Dr.Yaborough in Sep 2004. See my photos below My photos
  24. Animegyrl and smilingeyes, Thanks for your advice. I've already set up a consultation appoinment with Dr.Yaborough on SEP 20th. My parents are visiting me in Nov 2004. Do you think if I get it done in SEP/OCT 2004, My parents can notice the skin discoloration?
  25. Thanks Rebelgirl and Aqua2004. I will try some punch technique followed by light dermabrasion. Rebelgyrl, who was your doc for filler? Thanks