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  1. Just checking to see how you are doing. Guess it's been awhile since you've been here. Hope all is well.

    1. I'm reaching the end of four months now... The last while has been really rough. While I don't have a lot of active acne, a little here and there and no big cysts in a while now which is GREAT, I am dealing with a LOT of redness, I mean, people asking me if I am sunburned every day redness. What's worse is it actually looks like sunburn because it leaves a little ring around my eyes as if I was wearing sunglasses. It's awful. As bad as the acne? Nah, but bad enough that I just did this math:
    2. I'm here... not dead or anything. My acne has (mostly) cleared up. Not completely or anything, but no big cysts which is great. What are not great? The side effects. I'm red, unpleasently red, but not around my eyes, so it looks like I've been out in the sun wearing sun glasses and burned. And I'm flushed, hot... my nose and upper lip sweat constantly. My skin is SO fragile it's silly. I've had more times in the last month that I looked like a lepper from missing skin. It's ALMOST worse then t
    3. you know it. I hide when things aren't going well. I don't like writing about it when it's not good. Had a really bad time with a few big spots which are finally going away now. The weirdest thing is I had a patch of skin basically shed off like I had a big cyst, but there was no cyst! So now I have (another!) big red spot that didn't even come from acne! Sigh. It's not too bad I guess. I'm hopeful things will smooth out a bit before I arrive at my meetings on Wednesday. thanks for thinknig of
    4. OK, so it wasn't several, but it was a big giant nasty one on my upper cheek bone, one of those real painful ones... nice big dime sized redmark just in time for coming back to the office. Hopefully it will be all healed up before I go on my trip next week. Off to get blood work today, derm tomorrow and I run out of pills tomorrow night... hope ipledge won't cause any problems. -30
    5. TennesseeGrl, my GP gave me some samples of (and a prescription for) something called Rozerem, which is a less advertised pill similar to Ambien or Lunesta. The only thing I was disappointed by was that the literature I've found on it indicates it has a short half life. This is an indication that is used primarily to get you to sleep, not to KEEP you asleep, which is what I need. I have taken it the last two nights and it *seems* better today (yesterday I was exhausted all day). The funny thing
    6. And yet one more random thing in common between the two of us. weird. In my whole life I've only made one real new years resolution, and that was this year, and I kept it. It was to get on accutane.
    7. Hi Julia, thanks for stopping in. I've read your log and am pulling for you! I have always had a few big bumps on my back and shoulders (just never cared in comparison to having them on your face!) but I noticed that the accutane cleared them up really fast. I'm just over 6 weeks in and my back and shoulders are clear. Hope you have the same kind of success. So let's see day something or other, it's getting hard to keep track... AH yes, day 52. For the last few months, maybe even a year now!,
    8. I'm with you on the enough is enough with smoking. I had my last smoke Nov 1st of '05 (after 18 years or so of smoking) and I tell you it's awesome to be free of that stuff. I am also with you on the stubborn spots that won't go away. I realized over the last few days that while I've had a few new spots, more and more what I am annoyed at is the left over bumps that two months ago I didn't even notice. So it has to be progress right? Check in with you soon! -30
    9. Hiya Gang. Angel, been pretty quite over in your log, you doing ok? It's been a good few days. I did stupidly (oh so stupidly) pick a little spot that *seemed* like it was just gonna be nothing and go away, so I'm dealing with the healing of that, but other then that I am starting to see the positive changes I've been waiting for. Redness is starting to subside a bit. I was out in the desert sun for a few hours on Sunday, and even though I was wearing some SPF 30 block I got a little color, but
    10. Hey P&W, I've been quite, but I am checking in and reading logs every day I'm doing so so. Still pretty red, and skin is SUPER fragile. I've had one or two smaller pimples over the last few days. Unfortunately with my skin the way it is, they leave really super bad marks, and even look a bit like a popped cyst! I can't win. My eyes are hurting a lot and I've got a nice rash on my hand. I guess the 80 is starting to get to work. I feel like I should see some genuine progress real soon. If
    11. Thanks Angel, really great to read how well things are going for you in your log. My mood is down since I woke up with three new pimples. I was sitting there in bed thinking you know I haven't had a new spot in a few days and everything is calming down, maybe I'm finally turning the corner... Then I get up and go over to brush my teeth and BAM! Three of them. One is nothing to worry about. The other two are right next to each other, which often spells serious disaster. I'm taking a completely
    12. Sounds really great Angel. Here's to continued success! -30
    13. Hi Ho Gang, cheers to anyone checking in and thanks for your comments. Let's see: Day 37/36/6 depending on your math. I'm going with Day 37 First a shout out to all that have said in the past in their logs, I can't believe how fast it is going by. It really is amazing how quickly things seem to go by. Hopefully that is foreshadowing the next several months going quickly, and then on to the rest of my life. So today I am writing with good news and bad news. The good news should trump the bad
    14. Well this round is over. Here comes a monster. Just in time for our friends to arrive tomorrow afternoon. No reason for me to catch a break there eh?