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  1. I had the traditional co2 laser resurfacing about five years ago and got about 50% improvement. I had a dermatologist who was considered one of the best in the area. I do think it depends on the skill and experience of your doctor.
  2. I had Restylane for box scars last summer. The redness and lumps lasted almost a month and the correction was very subtle. It lasted about six months. I don't think I would do it again. I did have a very good plastic surgeon at UCLA though and it was probably about the best result I could expect from Restylane. You should be prepared for the possibility of the redness lasting more than the three days the brochures claim.
  3. I just found your original post and have some info to share. I was interested in Isolagen as well and recently asked Dr. Lask of UCLA who was one of the investigators in one of the clinical trials of Isolagen about it. He had two comments. He said the company didn't seem to have a clear direction and the product itself didn't offer dramatic results. So, I'm thinking this product isn't going to help much. Chandler
  4. I was very happy with my results from CO2 laser resurfacing because it evened out my skin texture and tone and softened the contours of my irregularly shaped boxscars. I still have the boxscars, although they are a lot more shallow and only show up in certain kinds of light. You should know though that many people have not been happy with CO2 laser resurfacing because it caused more scarring or changes in pigmentation. I am also very fair skinned and had no problems with pigmentation. I think m
  5. It's a little difficult to tell from the photos, as they are a little blurry. But, it looks like you have just a few, but very pronounced and deep scars. From what my plastic surgeon said you might be a candidate for scar excision or punch floats. Each of these procedures will leave a scar of its own but, if done by a talented and experienced doctor (either dermatological surgeon or plastic surgeon), that scar will be very difficult to see with your very light skin tone. You also seem to have
  6. There might be marked improvement but it is difficult to gauge with the pictures. Even though the lighting is similar you have the moisturizer before picture which would make the fluctuations in the skin stand out as compared to the second where your skin looks much less shiny. I think it's actually difficult to compare. Just my opinion. But the one that matters most is your opinion. ←
  7. I had Restylane injections two weeks ago for rolling scars on my cheeks. It was a little painful even though the Dr. used an anesthetic cream. My main problem is with the red lumps I had at the site of the injections--about 10 - 15 on each cheek. They are still a little red and are even worse on the right side of my face (unfortunately I didn't take a before picture of that side). It cost $500.00 for one 1ml. syringe of Restylane. According to the package insert for Restylane, a small number of
  8. I had a good result with CO2 laser. I am wondering if the quality of results with CO2 depends on the skill of the doctor and the type of skin you have. I absolutely didn't have any ill effects from it. I read a long review article on various scarring treatments entitled "Acne Scarring: A Review" from the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, which says that CO2, erbium, punch floats, excisions and fillers may all be effective depending on the type of scarring and skin you have. After read
  9. I had CO2 laser resurfacing and was back to mild soap and water cleansing within a couple of weeks. I would recommend you contact your doctor for a topical antibiotic cream or ointment until you can go back to stronger topicals. However, I am kind of surprised you are having breakouts at all. Mine stopped almost completely after CO2. Like you, I had a pretty good result--the tone and texture were evened out and the contours of my boxscars were rounded off. On Wednesday, I had restylane injecti
  10. Thank you all for your input. My appointment for Restylane is on July 20. I will try to post before and after pictures and let you know how it goes for me. Ann
  11. I doubt it. I had blue cross, and although the description of benefits said it would pay for scar revision to scars caused by injury or illness, they wouldn't pay for my CO2 laser resurfacing. Some people in the UK have mentioned that the National Health Service will pay for it though. If you do get an insurance company to cover it, let us know! I certainly think they should cover it for people who have significant scarring. After all they cover cosmetic procedures for other types of disfigurin