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  1. I was 16 when it started getting bad. I'm now 35.
  2. I'm 35 and still battling it. Just went off of BCPs about 3 months ago (bad, bad emotional side-effects for me!), and now my skin's going nuts. *sigh*
  3. I bought some last week, and it seems to be working pretty well. I have no breakouts to speak of, only hyperpigmentation left from the breakouts that this wash cleared up.
  4. Oh, I forgot to mention that I got a sample of Platinum Skincare's copper serum when I ordered the Bi-Phasic peel (it's an SA/Glycolic Acid peel). I haven't been doing both at the same time (you leave on the SA for a few seconds, rinse, then apply the GA...it apparently helps the GA to penetrate deeper), but I do plan on using the 30% GA peel in the near future for the scars. So far, I haven't noticed any peeling, even after 4 minutes of the SA peel on Saturday. But, I am purging some more...
  5. I've been using a 15% SA peel (unbuffered, pH of 2.1) from Platinum Skincare, and so far it has not caused any redness or peeling for me. It does sting a great deal while it is on, but it's not unbearable. You are instructed to leave it on for 1 minute the first week, then increase the length by 30 seconds to a minute each week, for a maximum of 4 minutes. I'm up to week three, and here's what I've experienced so far... Each week, I have purged significantly, and I am almost rid of the "bump
  6. I was wondering the same thing, why SA peels didn't get much coverage on this board. I actually ordered a 15% peel from http://www.platinumskincare.com. They also have a 3% mini-peel, but considering most 2% solutions do nada for me, I thought I'd try the 15%. It should be here in a few days. I have active acne, so I'm hoping this will kill two birds with one stone (scars and acne). If I can remember to do so, I'll post my results. :smile:
  7. I had it done, and while it did clear up my acne, it did not do anything for my scars. I believe the red light treatment by Omnilux does help with this, however. There were no side effects, but I do have to go in for maintenance treatments once a month. Hope this helps!
  8. I like Oil of Olay's Complete for sensitive skin w/ SPF 15. There's no fragrance, and I've been using it for months without any breakouts. Hope this helps!
  9. I had the Omnilux blue light treatment ($800 for a package of 8 treatments), and I have to say it's helped clear up my face immensely. I still have a few breakouts, but nothing like they used to be. Hope this helps!
  10. I'm on Yasmin right now, after having been on Ortho-Tri, Lo-Estrin, and Estro-Step. So far, Yasmin has not caused weight gain, and it has helped my skin. I noticed less oil the first month of using it, which is a godsend for me (I'm borderline dry now, because of winter). The progesterone in it acts like a diuretic, so the water weight gain I used to get isn't an issue either. Here's a website I posted in another thread which goes over the different types of pills and their side effects.
  11. Good luck with that! I've posted a link to a site which goes over the different types of BCP and some of the side effects they might cause. It was helpful for me, because some of the newer progesterones (Desogen and Ortho-Tri) made me so incredibly moody, it was awful! I thought I was going nuts! My doc thought it was the estrogen, so he put me on one of the "older" pills (Lo-Estrin) which broke me out terribly. So then we tried Yasmin (after I read this site), and so far so good. Anywa
  12. So far, I haven't had any strange side effects with Yasmin, and I'm on my third month. Sorry it didn't work out for you, though. Everyone reacts differently to bcp's, but it sounds like your doctor's going the right route by doing hormone tests. You might want to ask her about Spiro, also known as Aldactone. It's a blood pressure medication/diuretic, but it also works for hormonal acne in some cases. Hope this helps!
  13. There's also Yasmin, a fairly new b/c pill. The oiliness decreased almost right away for me (I'm almost dry-skinned now!), and my skin is starting to clear up after the second month of it. But, I'm also getting blue light (Omnilux) treatments, so I think it's the combination of the two that's helping the breakouts. Good luck!