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  1. Dudley, you are such a sweetheart! THANK YOU so very much!!! I am going to pursue this after the holidays when I return home from New Orleans. My plan is to print out your posts, study them, and bring them with me to interview doctors. I want to make sure that I am having these treatments at the correct settings for acne scarring reduction, which will be far more aggressive than someone like me would need for cosmetic purposes being that I am virtually wrinkleless. I'm hoping and praying that at
  2. Dudley, would you be comfortable revealing who your doctor is? I am in Dallas, & although I know a lot of drs. here have re:pair, your testimony makes me want to skip on over to OK b/c your dr. sounds like a dream & obviously knows what she's doing! If you are not comfortable posting her name publicly, could you PM me, please??! Congrats on your success & THANK YOU for keeping us posted on your progress.
  3. I've had two deep, full-face dermabrasions - my first one was 15 years ago & my second one was 10 years ago. I LOVED them. I had tremendous improvement with both. The best advice I can give you is to take it easy - let your skin heal and be happy that you did something nice for yourself! Attitude can really effect healing, so pamper yourself and your face. My poor skin had been through so much with the years and years and years of battling cystic acne, that I considered the dermabrasion as a
  4. Hey love, There is a doctor here in Dallas, Rick Wilson, who does subcision; Dan T. went to him and said he was great. I had a consult with him about a year ago, but he did not think I was a good candidate for it. Try contacting Dan T. so he can give you all the details as he did for me.
  5. Jes, I've had 2 dermabrasions with Dr. Alkek (spaced 5 years apart) and they were AMAZING - I probably have about 75% improvement. HOWEVER, I have VERY fair skin and healed extremely quickly from them. I will probably have one more this coming year and then call it quits in the scar revision department. In my opinion, IF you are a good candidate, dermabrasion is still the best treatment out there for facial acne scarring. Depending on your scarring, however, you may need more than one. There is
  6. It worked wonders for me - I've had 2 spread 5 years apart; my last was 9 years ago & I'm considering one more, then THAT'S IT! - but I have VERY fair skin (German) and healed really quickly and well. Some people have had never-ending nightmares from dermabrasion, most notably Sword, who has some very eloquent and exhaustive threads on the subject. This is not something to do lightly as it is a very "violent" operation with sometimes disatrous results. But when the results are good, they're
  7. Indigenous, First of all, you HAVE to calm down and THINK POSITIVELY - I know this advice is irritating and sounds trite, but your state of mind can effect your healing. OF COURSE things look bad right now - your poor skin has been CUT INTO and sewn back together! It's traumatized and you need to be really kind to it. The holes from the stitches WILL close up, PLEASE don't worry about those. Your results will most probably be much better than from when you started, but you need to be patient and
  8. How are you, Pepe? I hope well! Let us know when you have the time.
  9. Good luck with this - I have a good feeling things will turn out great! THANK YOU for sharing and keeping us posted on your progress. Do you mind if I ask who your doctor is?
  10. Hi buknoymaster. I'd hoped things would get better for you - remember I had punch floats from Dr. Y a couple of weeks before you did & they were a disaster - but I only had 12 or 13. About 3 are worse (still) and the rest are the same (as before treatment). Have you tried anything else? What are your plans? I kind of put the whole acne scar treatment thing on hold for a couple of years to concentrate on other things, but now I think I'm ready to get back on the horse and considering my optio
  11. There is a highly skilled plastic surgeon in Dallas, Byron Brown at Baylor Hospital, who is famous for reconstructive work caused by injury or cancer. He removed a basal cell from my chin the size of a fine pencil point, but he had to cut out the diameter of a quarter! He sewed it up with 17 stitches underneath and on the surface & I have NO SCAR! NOTHING! He also "put back together" a friend of mine who fell out of a jeep in high school and dragged her face down the pavement. A mess. You ca
  12. Pete, you look GREAT! I don't see exactly what you're referring to when you mention "contour" defects - maybe the pic doesn't show them or it's just something that YOU notice? Anyway, I would suggest (based on MY OWN experience) a dermabrasion by a VERY SKILLED AND REPUTABLE doctor. But --- maybe your skin doesn't lend itself to this procedure? You said you'd had it done before & I assume it was either botched or you didn't heal well. Could your doctor have possibly been negligent or a quack
  13. Bump. Any new news from anyone? Is anyone better? worse? the same? I'm the same. jgroove - did you ever hear back from Rullan?
  14. Sam, look in the "EXODERM" threads, which is just a fancy name for a phenol peel. There are mostly negative stories, but someone posted last month that WITH SILICONE injections he liked the outcome. Apparently the doctor "overcorrected" during his procedure causing several dents & then used silicone to fix it. I'd be pissed about that, but whatever. Anyway, for what it's worth, I had this done a little over a year ago - an exoderm with chemabrasion - and cannot tell any difference. The two p