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  1. Have been using this for about 2wks, and can't say i see any sort of improvement. It doesn't even peel. Is this normal that it doesn't peel?
  2. Yeah, i've been using neosporin for about 1 1/2 to 2wks now and some of my marks have faded much better/faster than any "professional" treatments or hydroquinone, kojic acid. Right now i'm waiting for my mandelic acid from skincarerx to make my skin peel away the larks faster.
  3. Does skincarerx.com deliver promptly in the 7-14days? Cause i ordered my NuCelle Mandelic acid serum since August 12th and haven't recieved it yet.
  4. Has anyone outside the USA ordered from skincarerx.com and got their package marked as a gift, rather than merchandise to avoid the high customs duty at their post office?
  5. I emailed Sonya Dakar about their Complexion Corrector. This is part of the detailed response in received: In the Sonya Dakar line the Complexion Corrector is considered one of our best products, this is not necessarily the percentage of ingredients in the products. There is a combination of natural and botanical ingredients that help to exfoliate, penetrate and lighten those areas that need attention. Our product contains Kojic and Lactic acids which help to exfoliate the surface layers
  6. You have to realise that your skin and body becomes resistant to things after a constant use/application of it of the product. So don't use 1 product for 8 straight wks. Use it for 4 wks, then take a wk long break, then start again.
  7. People using this acid is complaining about the peeling. Hello, that's what exfoliating is. The skin will start to peel , and the marks will get lighter.
  8. What brand has cheap non-comedegenic moisturizers with sunscreen?
  9. Maybe you're putting on too much. Stop the application for a few days and maybe it'll start to dry out and peel off.
  10. Isn't the brown/red marks left by pimples considered hyperpigmentation also? That along with uneven skin tone?
  11. I think that's smart cover you mean. From www.smartcover.com Igia tends to come up with their version of other people's products.
  12. That Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser is what has me on these sites. It messed up my face causing bumps to come up places they never have in my 21yrs. Now almost a yr later, the marks are still here.
  13. Of course your face is getting lighter than your body if you put a lightening agent all over your face. You're supposed to spot treat the marks, especially if you're brown skin.
  14. Used on the face, Witch Hazel is an astringent.
  15. You most likely won't find a "good" product for your problem in a drugstore or OTC. You're going to have to make your mother understand how much distress this is causing you and get to a derm that does cosmetic procedures. Not a normal derm, cause they deal more with active acne than the after effects (hyperpigmentation) or go to an esthetician. I'm brown skin also, and had a real bad breakout last summer and my face hasn't improved much even with all the money i've spent at the esthetician caus