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  1. 40mg x 30 (days) = 1200mg 1200mg x 7 months = 8400mg Your weight = Approx. 48kg 8400mg/48kg = 175mg/kg The recommended cumulative dose according to the ideal rule is around 125mg/kg , so you're more than enough. Hope this helps
  2. Hey guys, I posted this in the perscriptions thread but didn't get any answers. Does anyone know if you can take Spironolactone & Accutane together at the same time? The reason I'm asking is because when I took Accutane a few months ago, although Accutane was working for me, I'd still be getting the monthly 'hormonal' zits. The hormonal zits would be the cystic kind too. Now, few months later after tane, my skin has resorted back to what it looked like pre-tane and I'm currently on Spiro to
  3. Does anyone know if you can take Spironolactone & Accutane together at the same time?
  4. You were on accutane, didn't that clear you up? So I'm guessing hormonal acne is yoru case too, if you're taking yasmin. Let me know how it goes, I just started diane two weeks ago too. Yeah, I was on Accutane and it did clear me up really well. HOWEVER, right after Accutane, I still got zits only right before my period so I'm really guessing my skin's hormonal related. Hope all goes well with you too :)
  5. Okay so my forehead's rapidly clearing up I guess my panic attack's over. I think it was just my body getting used to the BC. My forehead was soooo gritty for 2.5 weeks and now it's almost ultra smooth once again as it always have been. yay
  6. Hi guys! I'm currently on Yasmin bcp now and have been for a little over 2 weeks. I've been breaking out on my forehead for the past week (never ever break out there before) and I know it's because of the Yasmin. I need it though to control my hormones so we'll see. It's getting better now so that's good. Other than that...
  7. Oh, I hope you're right! I haven't had this many bumps on my forehead.. since.. forever! My forehead always used to be ulta smooth and clear.... this sucks!!! I just hope it's just my body adjusting to it
  8. I just started Yasmin BCP about 2 weeks ago in hopes of controlling my hormonallly induced acne that even Accutane couldn't control. It'd pop up during the time of the pop and it drove me crazy so I started Yasmin. For the past 2 weeks, I've been gettin these tiny bumps all over my forehead and around my mouth! Mind you I NEVER broke out there before! Is this the initial breakout phase.... when will it go away?
  9. More pictures! These were taken in the car! It looks better than it actually does because of the sunlight beaming on my skin, nevertheless.. it looks much better than it did a few months ago
  10. Hey Corrine! I do have lots of redmarks still. It has gotten better from few months ago but I have lots of redmarks that the camera didn't detect. I use Almay Clear Complexion foundation. It doesn't cause blackheads or pimples and is very natural looking. I dont have many pit-holes or "scars" .. just lots and lots of redmarks that gets sooooo noticeable when I get hot and sweaty or right after I wash my face.
  11. [attachmentid=5008]Almost 2 months post-Accutane! Sooo, I did in fact started breaking out again, but nowhere as much as before. I swear I get so incredibly down whenever I get one zit! I would've killed for one zit once a blue moon before. Guess it's only natural to keep wanting more I only break out during the TOTM so I figured my acne's hormonal related. I got on Yasmin last week.. so far so good.. hope it helps with the monthly zits I get. Other than that, I don't really breakout anymor
  12. These are like the white bumps my daughter had on her upper arms and the doctor said they were a result of a milk sensitivity - the body doesn't know what to do with the substance it can't absorb and so stores it this way! I have suggested the .5% hydrocortisone ointment for other food senstivity bumps and this may also qualify, seeing other applications do not help. When nothing else works, it maybe food "allergy" related! Also, stop eating dairy and see if it helps. Does your daughter sti
  13. I had more cysts on my face while on Accutane.. than I ever did in my life. In fact, I recall only having 1 cyst before Accutane. I now have deep red marks due to the IB while on Accutane but it's going away now. :) Your skin will continue to improve after Accutane. I know mine did.. and is still improving :) My skin is soo freaking smooth now. My whole body and even my hair has gotten soft! WEIRD. It takes me less than 2 mins to wash my face at night now. I only use a gentle cleanser and