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  1. OTC has given me the WORST ACNE I've ever experienced (I'm on my second pack). I was crying a few minutes ago. I'm going back to Yasmin. My doctor took me off Yasmin because it's low dose and since I'm overweight she thinks I might get pregnant. But the cysts are enough birth control for me I can't stand this. They're all over my face, jawline and neck. It's just sad.
  2. I am trying this. ASAP. My acne is no longer responding to BP and my skin is horribly dry and flakey.
  3. hi sweety... i dont use moisturizers as they give me an oily luk n i get scared that i ll have a pimple afta an hour bu i have heared that cliniques lotion n oil of olay moisturizer are good

  4. It's been a week and my face is a lot clearer. It's kind of red, and dry (even though I use the moisturizer), but I guess it's normal. It seems my cheeks will peel soon too, but it's all good, at least now I'm hopeful My forehead is totally clear, I hope my cheeks and jaw clear soon I look sad, still can't smile much
  5. Maybelline Shine Free foundation works great and it's cheap. It covers incredibly well and also controls the shine very well.
  6. Bronzers and blushers, in general, make the redness of my cheeks look more obvious, so I don't use them anymore. Glad they work for you, though.
  7. I tried it (before I knew the regimen), the BP dried my skin A LOT and I recently noticed it's also peeling. So I prefer using moisturizer now, BP is very harsh even on the oiliest skin, so you want to protect it with the moisturizer.
  8. Hi guys... My name is Indhi, and I just started a 'modified' regimen a few days ago, I see improvement already... I'm using 5% BP (couldn't find 2.5) and aloe vera gel as a moisturizer... My skin burned badly the first 2 days, I guess I was using too much BP, but the aloe vera helped a lot... Anyway... I was wondering if you know any good moisturizer that wont let the BP show... this is very important.... my skin is pretty sensitive and I break out easily, I don't wear makeup, only lipgloss an