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  1. I tried it and unfortunately it did absolutely nothing....I sent it back and got a refund!
  2. Right now I'm using revlon Colorstay Stay Natural...but I just got some samples of J Lynne mineral makeup that I'm going to try. I'm kind of worried that the mineral makeup wont give me the coverage I need though.
  3. I use either basis or cetaphil when my skin is really irritated
  4. electro-- I checked on sephora and now they have the sample size one listed as smashbox photo finish foundation primer "to go". Here's where it is.... http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtm...&categoryId=B70
  5. Sounds very similar to Dermablend. I think you can still buy it at Dermablend.com
  6. Haven't tried the foundation but I use the trublend powder and really like it!
  7. Ortho tri cyclen is actually even marketed as an acne treatment
  8. I always buy the sample size Smashbox primer from Sephora. It's actually cheaper than buying the full size one....you get 0.5 oz for $14.50 of the sample one and .93 oz for $36 in the full size...so you can buy two small ones and get 1 oz for only $29.00. Just thought this might be useful for some of you that are considering buying this
  9. Anyone else have any experiences with this?
  10. I usually buy the philosophy one on drugstore.com or ebay, and I bought prescriptives at Nordstrom (I think they sell it at Nordstrom.com too)
  11. I had CO2 resurfacing done about a year and a half ago, and my skin seems to pretty much be back to its normal thickness now. Mine was very thin and fragile for several MONTHS after that procedure though. I'm not really familiar with the healing process with exoderm, but sounds like you're skin is just still in the healing stage as it's only been 11 weeks since your procedure. Take care and don't worry just yet
  12. Thanks for replying Dan.... I will have to ask my derm about the option of subsicion and/or fillers. It was pretty depressing to have the excisions look so good at first and then watch the scars gradually come back....but I'm not going to give up yet to find a way to improve these. Its good to know that I may have other options!
  13. A dermatologist in the Portland, Oregon area
  14. I had several punch exicsions about four weeks ago....A couple of them turned out pretty good, but a couple of them as they have healed have become depressed again. The excision didn't come open or anything, the indent just seemed to gradually return as the swelling went down. I am kind of disappointed about this and am wondering if anyone that has had these done has had a similar experience. I would say that there's still about a 50% overall improvement in the ones that have re-intented but
  15. Leopolda-- I like the philosophy one better because it seems to be just a little thicker consistency and is a bit less noticeable... that's just me though....I think both are excellent products The little brush thing is kind of annoying on the philosophy one so what i do is just cut the little bristles off when I get a new tube! Then the silicone just comes out of the little hole in the tip of the tube when you turn the bottom and I can put it on the tip of a toothpick.
  16. I've been using this method for about the last year or so to fill in some of my deeper pitted scars...I have used the prescriptives one, but I currently use a similar product called philosophy fine line filler. It's really similar to prescriptives but for me it works even better. I use it everyday to fill in my scars...it's helped me sooo much to be less self conscious about my skin!
  17. I would try putting ice on it and take an oral anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen or naproxen. Those should hopefully improve the swelling and inflammation a bit. I don't think the penicillin would be of help though.
  18. Hi, Here's the stuff I like: Revlon colorstay stay natural foundation---has good coverage but not too heavy looking. I also spot cover with Dermablend cover creme if I have some areas of redness or blemishes that are difficult to cover. I just kind of tap it on with my finger to blend. For powder, covergirl tru blend or revlon new complexion pressed powders. I apply them with a brush instead of the puff to give a less cakey look. Hope this might help u a little
  19. I like revlon colorstay--for me the stay natural one works best because its easier to apply.
  20. I saw no improvement from cool touch unfortunately....also for me the procedure was pretty painful. I have very sensitive skin though so that may have had alot to do with the pain factor.
  21. Try a silicone based product like prescriptives invisible line smoother or philosophy fine line filler. (I personally prefer the philosophy one) AFTER applying your regular makeup, put a small amount of one of these products on the end of a toothpick and dab into the pit. Works about as well as anything ive tried for temporarily concealing them a bit. In my experience trying to fill them in with dermablend makes them MORE apparent. Good luck!
  22. Revlon colorstay stay natural might be worth a try
  23. In my opinion the benzaclin would be more effective. For me, I did not have an initial worsening of my acne when starting benzaclin. My only complaint about the benzaclin is that when I tried to put foundation on after applying it, it seemed to leave a kind of residue that would clump up and stuff. Good luck!