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  1. Hi doNotpick!, thank you for posting your results. I'm glad you are having positive results with Botchla's regimen. sigh, it's been an endless battle with acne for alot of us here but I wish you all the luck. I was so close to trying Proactiv instead of Botchla. I hope I havent made a wrong decision.
  2. Hi Mech, what's tazorac and doxycycline ? Are theyn prescription drugs for improving scarring or red marks? And by the way, do your skin feels a little dry/tight right after washing with the BP cleanser? Mine do. So I just dabbed on a little bit of moisturiser. Not sure if that would make this regimen less effective.
  3. Hi lauramarie, I've just started Botchla's regimen yesterday. It's only been two days, so I havent rellie seen much results. But I did notice some things, such as, my skin feels less oily during the day time, and some of my white heads have dried up. (I've started a thread on this http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=28292 ) Well, good luck to u!
  4. hi white, i'm glad u've been having good results with botchla's regimen. I hope I will too.
  5. Hi everyone, I came across Botchla's regimen a week ago and it seems to me that ALOT of people had success with it. Although it was a 50 pages thread, I had tried to read a few pages per day, not wanting to miss any useful information about this regimen but i'm developing a headache.. it's just tooooo many pages! Anyway, I hope anybody who have tried this regimen, and had/have success with it (or not), pls post an update here so that newbies like me can get an idea how good this regimen is. (
  6. Hi! I'm asian too with fair skin. I use L'Oreal's Feel Naturelle's fair and medium liquid concealer. I used two colours because I find that the medium one is better for my forehead because somehow, i think my forehead is darker than the rest of my face :-s And the fair coloured concealer works well with covering red spots for the rest of my face.
  7. ah...for sure! Nasi lemak is great! To think I used to have that for brunch every weekend. I have found a malaysian/indonesian restaurant here and I found out that they actually have ROJAK! hmm...that's one of my fav. too..I havent had that for a long time. I'm gonna try that soon!
  8. I'm going to 4 days now with BP only on my left temple where I have a few whiteheads and blackheads. Just two days into BP, a small area on my left temple feels "patchy" and rough. Yesterday, I tried to put on moisturiser first and then BP instead which works well for me. It wasnt as irritating for me, and some whiteheads were even drying up. I'll continue this and I'll be updating my progress!
  9. What I use when I have a cyst is starting to come up and I can feel the whole area is getting warm and is painful to touch, I use Neutrogena's Clear Pore treatment (BHA). After cleansing my face, I put this on and let it dry. I find that it reduces the inflammation and also if i used it regularly, the cyst would eventually subside. I used it mostly at night. If it's ur first time trying on a BHA, u might want to try a little first in case there's stinging.
  10. Hi sm, I have tried using tomatoes on one tiny blackhead and amazingly enough, it was gone! But to try this, u have to be really patient because it takes quite a bit of time. First, cut the tomatoes and only use the fluid stuff inside the tomatoes where the seeds are. Put them on ur black head for as long as u can. I tried 15 mins the first time and it didnt work. So, I left it on again and took a nap and when i woke up, my blackhead was gone. Since ur blackhead is a stubborn one, u mig
  11. ObiWontonKenoli, thanks! I think Singapore is a great city too! I guess I had never appreciate how beautiful it is, how accessible the whole city is until I left for my studies. Now I miss home soooo much. I can't wait to go back again.
  12. I had used honey on a couple of my white heads and a healing cyst. I didnt see a difference with the white heads but I notice that my healing cyst which is like a brown patch faded a little. I did have a problem with trying to keep the honey stay put on one spot. What happens was my honey kinda shifted downwards as I waited for 15 minutes. Maybe that affected my results. Should I be lying down instead or standing? Well, I had the honey on while I was watching TV. And HOW do you put i
  13. I used to have only white/black heads. But this past year, every week I'll get one or two new red bumps. These bumps at first just looks like a red patch or spot and it hurts if I touch it. Then the next few days, it'll start getting redder and becomes like a more prominant red spot. When I touch it, it hurts more than it was and at the same time, I can tell that it's warmer than the rest of my face. It's like it's infected or something. What I do is I apply Neutrogena's clear pore to it and
  14. I tried using nonpasturised clover honey on some of the brown marks I have and on a couple of white heads. I left them on for an hour, wash it with cool water after. I hasnt seen any improvement on my face. The white heads are still abit red. The brown marks are still the same. Am I doing this wrong?
  15. I used to think that white heads and black heads are in a category of their own, separate from acnes. And also, I thought acnes, white/black heads are all generally called pimples. I hope someone out there can answer this. Thanks.