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  1. hi i went to my derm. today and the nurse told me that the derm said that he got something in the mail about accutane and that "they were going to have to start doing accutane differently" she didn't tell me what it was that made him say that or what it was about.. does anyone know anything about this? i was wonderig because im bout 4.5 months into accutane and i was just wondering incase i have to get off of it or something. thanks
  2. ive been on 40mg 1 a day accutane for 3 months now and all of a sudden i had a slight eleveation in my liver or SOMETHING from the blood test i got moved down to 20mg once a day for my 4th month. do you think my acne is going to come back or get a little bit worse??
  3. hey i have been on 20mg the first month, and then 40mg for the next 2 months and im starting my fourth month on 20mg again because i had a "slight alteration" in my liver or something from the bloodwork. so uhmm anyone know if my face is gonna break out again or what? up to now it has been about 90% clear at all times so do you think it will stay like that since i still have the stuf in my system or will it break out a lil more because im moving down?
  4. hey ive been on accutane for 3 months now and my face is definitely about 90% more clear but i still get breakouts like once a week maybe and they are SO frustrating because my face finally looks really good and clear and then ill wake up one morning with a white pustule thing and then later that day ill have another one, and then the next night ill get 1 and it does that for like 2-3 days then it just stops and my face is clear for about 3-5 days . i take 40mg once a day in the morning and i wa
  5. i was wondering if my doseage was weird kinda because everyone ive talked to that has used accutane is taking it twice a day like 40mg. i am taking it once a day in the morning 40mg and i was just wondering the difference between these 2 doses and how fast they will work compared to eachother thanks
  6. i have been on accutane 20mg once a day for teh past month. i just now started the 2nd month and i got my doseage moved up to 40mg a day. i was wondering what should i expect like as in an improvement really fast or another breakout because of the doseage being upped or what. if any of u have had this same sort of dose givin to u just give me some details on what happened. thanks
  7. i was wondering if any of you have ever used the clinique stay-matte sheer pressed powder. i was wondering if it was non-comodogenic and if it causes pimples because it does not say on the back that it is non como. it just says oil free
  8. hey im takin accutane and im using duac at night and i was wondering if that is ok or if it will over irritate it because of the peeling and stuff from the accutane and the drying out from the duac. i also have triaz 6% benzoyl pads that ilike to use after i wash what do ut hink about those?
  9. i just got put on accutane after ive been on minocycline and then doxycycline. both of those didnt do anything except make them worse. ive been on accutane for 2 weeks and 1 day. my face got really good for the first week i was on it and then for the 2nd week it got really bad which i am assumiing is my initial breakout. so i was just wondering how long you guys initial breakouts lasted and when your body actualy got used to the accutane. i just want to have an idea of how long until it will
  10. ok so i am a 17 year old guy and my acne was just getting bad enough to where i wanted medicine about the beginning of this school year. so i went to the derm and he put me on minocycline and differen . so that did absolutely nothing for the 2.5 months i was on it except make my face alot worse. then i went back to the derm and he said he wanted me on pinecillin but i had a chance of being alergic to it so he put me on doxycycline with duac. that also did nothing but keep my skin worse. So i wen