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  1. yeah probly not a great idea bud. let your skin heal up
  2. cameron diaz is way hotter than nicole richie. typical rich b*tch comments tho. just ragging on somebody else and being generally worthless
  3. i hate these threads "ohh OMG im gonna commit suicide"
  4. how do i go about getting rid of the scar may i ask?
  5. your are one ugly mutherf*cker your so hideous its hard too look at you awww baby dont cry its okay i was just kidding anyway kid dont pick your face,eat healthy and take some anti-ugly herbal supplements and you should be good too go
  6. yeah i gave acv a go. as far as redmark healing go's its about as good as aloe, maybe a tad better. its non greasy but it stinks.
  7. in this case reffering too my advice would be optimum for the health of your skin
  8. looks too me like you pick/sweeze, if you do then stop completely
  9. "I feel like killing myself seriously... " then do it and rid me of your b!tcha$$ style
  10. when i get a mark its usually completely gone in 2 or 3 weeks
  11. ive tried many. 1.nuetrogena healthy skin pros: -extremely effective cons: -greasy -stings at first -expensive NHS is easily the most effective thing ive used for redmarks asides from strong chemical peels which take a week too goo through the cycle 2. peaches and cream by kiss my face(i think thats the name) pro's: -gentle but very effective -many healing ingrediants besides the aha -cheap cons: -smelled way too strong -greasy this takes #2 because its more effective than aloe but stink
  12. day 3 redmarks are shedding now as expected, the aloe has helped heal at the same time. face looks better