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  1. Thank you so much! Sorry If I went overboard with the pics! This is my first time on the board in ages and I think I finally got them straightened out and deleted the multiples.
  2. Hey Everyone! <3 Most of us are familiar with the most popular brand of oil blotting papers-Clean N Clear....... The price ranges from around 4$-7$ for one pack. They contain 50 sheets per pack - Each Sheet 5 x 8 cm (1.9 x 3.1 in.) I don't know about you, but I need about ten to get my entire face blotted. Each is less than 2" by 3"? Are you kidding me? And my oily skin was so.... uh, productive, haha.... that I needed to continually re-blot my entire face about once every two hour
  3. Hey Jess =) Where have you dissapeared off to? I/we Miss your valuable contributions!

  4. Kanye West doesn't care about White People.

    OWNED <3

    That's what the (R.I.P.) KKK was for.

  5. Did you know you're my new girl crush????!!! In all seriousness thanks for posting the info, Kent. I would definitely be able to contribute something of value (although it is a horror story) and would want to remain anonymous. But if I can help even one person make the mistake of saying "OK" when a derm is trying to shove massive amounts of antibiotics down the throat like Halloween candy, my life will have had meaning PS-I have no problems whatsoever with fresh meat guys in teh moddi
  6. Oh and for those of you who "hate advice unless you're the one giving it" and are determined to find out for yourself... I set up a yahoo email account that I was never going to use, and signed up for Chris Gibson's "Free Newsletter". Free is an interesting word because I received about 15 'free' emails a week urging me... well, urge is too weak a word.... demanding that I buy his e-book. If you're just dying to get 360+ emails of spam in less than six months, then by all means, sign up for
  7. Been here since '05 and I love these threads. I only have to wait a few minutes before a slew of you begin the bloodbath dissection of this insult to our intelligence. I'm so glad we have wonderful members who tell it like it is. I feel bad for anyone who actually spends money and gets scammed. (I was lucky... thanks to you guys.) Chris Gibson is a complete tool. He preys and profits on the hope of ppl w/acne, who are often gullible thru no fault of their own.We're often desperate. We wan
  8. Had I known that verse a long time ago, that would've saved me a lot of grief! LOL! Thanks Jess :)

  9. haha thanks! I could quote from that book all day.

  10. I'm convinced there will be an answer. Like Joe, I think the more we understand about the human genome, the further we may see progress. I think nanotechnology will be important in future developments. We're making huge leaps in science now. It may not be long before we not prevent acne but also correct the damage it leaves behind.
  11. :D :D I really enjoy reading all of your posts! You are very intelligent and I can really relate to your morals and principles. <3

    I guess I see you as one of the more wonderful/fascinating people around :)

  12. Intriguing thread... I'm interested to see where this goes I once heard that the internet allows people to connect with those who they might never get to know IRL because it denies one the opportunity of making instant prejudicial determinations based on appearance. I never really feel lonely but maybe it's just because I like to spend a lot of time by myself. I would never want to be a "social butterfly" but some people thrive on that and strive to achieve it.