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  1. I strongly recommend that you carry this product, in my opinion it is the best of it's kind. The gel is a great value in terms of price, size, and effectiveness. I have recommended this product to many of my friends and acquaintances but they are unable to purchase it online for various reasons. If your stores were to carry this product you would have thousands of already loyal customers, and everybody these customers have told about this product, making a purchase. We, the loyal users of t
  2. Ok, I did get two nasty pimples. One was on the left cheek, right on the joint with my jaw. The second one was right under my nose, in the little divet above the top lip. Even though they are like the cystic pimples I have had in the past, they are much smaller. I wasn't exactly on plan for a few days, skipped the night application. This did not cause those two pimples, they had already appeared before this lapse.
  3. Ok, I am still using the Clearasil(Daily Face Wash, not foaming)and BP gel. No new pimples so far but, I can feel a bunch of tiny pimples(like goosebumps)on my cheeks and chin. So far, so good. Also, I occasionally use a Clearasil cleansing wipe if it has been a busy shift at work and am a bit greasy faced(I waitress). These aren't those pimple pads, these are more like those diaper wipes. Wish I had a web cam to keep a record of progress. In other news, I am also thinking of quitting my
  4. There could possibly be something to sea salt helping clear the skin but, topically. When I was a teen my family would go spend a week at the ocean,my skin would always look better during that time. Or it could just have been the fresh air, sun, and being more active. Not much time was spent thinking about my face.
  5. I have used their playsticks foundation, love that stuff. Did get the Dr. Feelgood and that was bad. It made my face itch and it smells weird, I thought the makeup had gone bad or something. Needless to say, I don't use that particular product. But the playsticks work great for me.
  6. Well, I got my tube of Dan's BP gel today. Tried it out and I have to say that "It rocks"! If you are about to give up the regimen with the bp cream, give the gel a try. The gel is so easy to apply and doesn't leave a white residue. Very nice, like a lotion. Also, it doesn't get all tacky so it is easier to rub it in with a very light touch. Ok, enough raving on the gel. What I used: Clearasil Foaming Face Wash Dan's bp gel applied to whole face(I get pimples on my cheeks,forehead, and chin
  7. I just recieved my tube today. All I can say is...THANK YOU!!!! I love it, the gel is much easier to apply and absorbs so much better, more like a lotion(The "On The Spot" cream was like trying to rub in glue). Also, the gel doesn't leave that white residue. And it is a good size for the price. I didn't believe it when people wrote that it is huge but, I can now say they weren't BSing. The tube is huge! Thanks for saving my face(and my wallet)! I have had acne since I was 11, I am now 3
  8. Oh, I am trying to go without make-up. I haven't worn it in so long that I forget the last time I wore any. But, I look horrible! I still have acne and now have two large red bumps that look like boils or something(esp. embarassed by the one on my cheek. At least the other is partly covered by my eyebrow). I am trying to be professional at work but I look like crap. I don't think anybody is taking me seriously since I don't have that great of a wardrobe to begin with and my face looks like this
  9. I wish I would grow out of it! I started breaking out at age 13 and haven't stopped yet(I am *cough* 30 *cough). All I can tell you is just stick to the regimine and in the future you may be able to reduce the amount of upkeep. This is what I am hoping for.
  10. Yeah,I figured as much. I have gone to applying less(although still a good amount) of BP 3x per day. I am also making sure that I increase my water intake to help flush out any toxins(before they decide to remove themselves via my skin).
  11. Poppy

    Week 2

    Well,I have been on the regimen for a week now and am pleased. The larger pimples have gone away(for the most part) and even the smaller bumps on my face are starting to go away. Also,it seems that I had been on the right track back in my Jr High School days(about 18yrs ago). I used to use BP and lots of it, only I also used other irritating things(like harsh cleansers,astringents and no moisturizer). Oh if only I had known then how close I was to clear skin! I say that my large pimples have
  12. I am using the Neutrogena OTS but can't seem get it all rubbed in without pressing a bit. I usually end up with white streaks all over my face,which doesn't matter at night time,but what do I do for the daytime? Is there a better formulation(like a gel) that would absorb better than the cream(and without rubbing hard) or am I doing something wrong?