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  1. Uhm.. I wouldn't suggest to 'exfoliate' by brushing or anything that could be 'hurtful' to the skin - just yet! But do try the Head & Shoulders zinc suggestion. I would recommend the following: Wash body with a zinc pyrthione soap (try Dr Cynthia Bailey's Foaming zinc wash) or any Head & Shoulders shampoo / CLEAR shampoo (must have zinc in it!) Apply some AHA/Glycolic acid on the body every night For the latter, I strongly suggest getting Neostrata's Ultra-Smoothing Lotion.
  2. Well I use BP under my make up everyday when I go to work. It's ok. I use a mosturizing SPF 30 first on my bare skin (after facewash) Then dab Dan's BP over active spots Wait for that to dry - 10 minutes - a bit sticky though Then put concealer over the spots Then apply my foundation powder over So far, it doesn't cause any problems. All the best!
  3. Is your name Francisco? I can totally see your Nursing badge from the pic...hehe... But yes, that looks like an acne spot in the wrong place! Maybe you can wash your entire body with an acne soap? I would also recommend lathering yourself in Head & Shoulders zinc pyrthione shampoo occasionally. Or... you can use a soap that contains Goat's Milk. Or... a soap that contains 3% sulphur (beware the fiery smell!) All the best!
  4. For any pitted/raised scars, you can try a dermaroller. If you google OwnDoc and click on the dermaroller info, there are various sizes of home-use rollers that you can use to stimulate collagen growth so your skin heals from the scars naturally. For such deep scars, a 1.5mm roller, used every 6 weeks would certainly help. Just wash your skin, pat dry, and if you have low pain tolerant, use a numbing cream for 10 mins, wash it off, and then roll away. I dont use any numbing cream, it doe
  5. I'm having the same problem! I had a severe bout of pityrosporum fungus and in my haste to get rid of those, I applied mandelic acid - which worked - but it made some massive cystic nodules appeared instead. These volcanoes eventually subsided into black marks on my face. To combat that, I bought SKII Whitening Power Spots Specialist serum to put on my face every night. So far I'm super pleased with it! After two nights, the damn spots are fading, you can see it visibly shrinking! If I c
  6. For pigmented scars (which I have plenty just from normal acne), I would recommend whitening products. I'm using SKII Whitening Power Spots Specialist serum on my whole face every night. It works really fast - in two days the marks are fading already! It's insanely expensive, but it really works and one little bottle can last you a long time. It has a hygenic dropper that you use only a pipette full every night. Non greasy, absorbs super quick. If you have any spots, just dab Dan's BP (o
  7. Just an update: A month later, my skin is completely clear of the fungus! Hooorraaaaay! I found something that really works for pityrosporum and I'm really glad I did all that research and even more blessed that my sister-in-law found the holygrail remedy of LAMISIL dermgel for my fungus! My new regimen now that the damn fungus is gone... haha: Day: Tamanu oil soap SKII Cellumination Day Surge SPF 30 Dan's BP (on spots if any) Sephora Concealer Sephora Make up powder Night O
  8. Hives and fungal are two different things! In my case, I had food allergy (damn shrimps!) and I had hives popping up all over my body for one week. It was red and itchy and absolutely hideous. After some useless steroid and anti-histamine injections (which later caused my fungal infection), the hives didn't subside. So my mom resorted to smoking me with frankincense resin and THAT completely cured my hives! Remedy for HIVES (those itchy welts) is FRANKINCENSE. You can buy the resin and s
  9. Please do update! I've personally tried the LAMISIL dermgel for my pityrosporum and it cleared me in 7 days (with 7 days continued usage day and night). I hope it works for you too! All the best!
  10. Yup, no need for the whole regimen - just order a small benzoyl peroxide tube and use it as a spot-on dab. Just one dollop - no need to rub it in, just lightly dab it so the whole spot is covered in a snow-like BP - leave it to dry and then sleep at night. Just remember to use an old CLEAN pillowcase as the BP WILL bleach the fabric!! You'll see the zits flatten the next morning and some peeling will occur - though it's not that bad, just a dry peel OFF the zit itself and voila smoot
  11. If you have to choose one anti-fungal cream, please let that be LAMISIL dermgel. It helped my pityrosporum and I'm still using it long after the fungus are gone - just to be sure lol! All the best!
  12. Hi my dear, my goodness that looks eerily similar to what I've recently gone through! Mine was pityrosporum malassezia fungus, and it was hell for a month. If you're brave enough to step away from your regime and try mine for a week, it might help? I used: Dr Cynthia Bailey's zinc calming soap (alternate with Dr Bailey's zinc foaming soap every other day) Then for ONE WEEK STRAIGHT, I applied Lamisil Dermgel on my face day/night. Nothing else. By the 5-7th day, you will see
  13. Hi Scott, I'm actually envious of your skin - it looks really good apart from the little bumps!! Why don't you try putting Dan's benzoyl peroxide on the zits, not too much, just a dab on the spot and let it dry before you sleep every night? It may cause a bit of dryness and peeling (only on the spot) then it should be good. You can use mandelic acid too, as for the overall face, but it might cause more breakouts in the first week - like cystic zits - and then after 3-4 weeks, your skin
  14. Hi Max! I have just successfully battled with this fungus thing. You can read more in my thread. The dermatologist I went to is useless. He prescribed me with Roaccutane which I refused -not my thing- so I asked for anti-fungal instead. These are the things that worked for me, after a month! First of all: STOP ALL STEROIDS AND ANTIBIOTICS!! Then... ORAL: Sporanox - itraconazole - 200mg x 7 days (Dr's prescription) Greek yoghurt + probiotics powder (look for Acidophilus) x 14 days
  15. Hi there! I've just written a new thread on this - just a minute ago! You can have a read. It's been a month and I've finally won the battle with this dreaded fungus! In a nutshell - these are the things that worked for me: ORAL: Sporanox - itraconazole - 200mg x 5 days (prescibed by Dr) Greek yoghurt + probiotics powder (with added Acidophilus) x 14 days (must be eaten 1 hr before food, or 2 hrs after food) TOPICAL: Apply LAMISIL dermgel twice a day -morning and night - for 7 days s