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  1. hmmm... that's interesting. acne is an unpredictable thing. i would step up B5 to 10g/day before playing around with other vitamins/minerals. i'm sure you're already taking B-complex, i wouldn't do more than that. if stepping up more B5 doesn't help THAN i would start experimenting with other supplements...
  2. hi Sharon, i, too, am a 31 year old female. i have mild acne but really oily skin! i've been taking B5 for 3 weeks now, only on 4g/day. it hasn't done much for me... i think one of two things: 1) your body has become so accustomed to B5 it has built a resistance to it. you may have to up the dosage to 10g/day 2) your acne flare-up is hormonally triggered. our hormones continue to change so it may not be that the B5 has changed but that your stress level or hormones levels have
  3. I have also been taking a B-100 complex and a multivitamin, still very fatigued. Not really more sleepy just not a lot of energy. Oh well, effects people differently. I don't see what the big "to-do" is about B5, I haven't seen much of a difference.
  4. I've been on B5 now for a total of 3 weeks. Started on 4g/day since I have pretty mild acne. I upped it to 8g/day after the first week. I really haven't seen a big difference, I was hoping my oil production would decrease which it hasn't that I can notice. I was told you need to take at least 10 (500mg) capsules a dayfor a month or so to trigger the beneficial effects of B5. I'm having to consider NOT sticking it out for the rest of the month because I am SOOOOOOO very fatigued. I have
  5. PEOPLE - acne is a hormonal/hereditary disease that is directly related to the androgens in one's body. diet will only affect acne slightly (good or bad) - certainly not enough to change someone's eating habit.
  6. for those who are lucky enough to outgrow it, it usually takes into their mid to late 20's before that happens (sometimes even thirties). the sad truth is that acne for most doesn't subside until mid to late 40's. i have had mild to moderate acne since a teenager. i'm now 31 and still having to monitor/manage my skin closely. it has a lot to do with hormones which are different in everyone. i would prepare for having mild acne all through college...
  7. These products won't stop oil or even make a dent in oil production. Oil production happens deep under the out skin layers so the only way to truly decrease oil is internally (products like accutane or supposedly B5 or birth control for females). Anyone who knows about skin will tell you topicals can only do so much. topicals can only help manage the oil that is already produced.
  8. Another red flag is all the spelling errors on the site. Seems like something contrived in the basement of Beavis and Butthead.
  9. how did this topic of XIAN become a topic of Creatine? Is Creatine an ingredient in XIAN? Let's get over the Creatine if it isn't. EXPLAIN!
  10. why is everyone so focused on Murat's results? come on, we ALL know everything works differently for different people... you either have the notion to try the stuff or not. i wouldn't let someone else's results (good or bad) dictate what you try. for instance, BP makes me look like a bright red apple...i'd rather have the acne at least people know what it is. other people love BP. it's all on an individual basis.
  11. definitely ask more questions. i've decided against IPL for now... IPL is REALLY effective for old acne/red marks but too expensive for the minor problems i have. if results are permanent for acne i would do it but if temporary i don't think it's worth it. let us know what the doc says
  12. I just went to a consultation for IPL myself. I went more for freckles, pigmentation, old acne scars, and general improvement of the skin. It is expensive!!! Since my skin does not have drastic pigmentations they told me it would take 5 session at $1700 total to get even tone skin (all acne scar pigmentations, freckless gone). My point is, they didn't say anything about IPL helping with current acne, it's more something you do after acne has cleared and left its mark. You may want to ques
  13. For all those giving people trying XIAN heck about falling into the hype, I have this to say... If I'm an adult spending my own money on something I want, whether proven or not, it's my own problem if it doesn't really work. Consider me another victim to this great capitalistic concept called marketing... I have no problem with that. If it works, I'll let you guys know and save you the $ and time. If it does, than I gain along with the marketers. What's the problem? What if peop
  14. I've noticed a few people talk of topical things to help with oiliness. My dermatologist, my own experience and research shows that nothing topical actually changes the amount of oil skin produces (only stronger internal treatments can do that from the inside out). There are some products that may keep it under control by absorbing it on the surface but that's all it will do. Some products overdry the skin to begin with making it seem it's less oily but really it's setting the skin up f
  15. You know, I think this product may help some people to some degree but I'm going to try to it just so that I can that I have and move on if it is just marketing hype. What the hay, it's not THAT expensive. I only have mild skin problems so I won't have to down the whole bottle in a week. I'll add my two cents when I see results/good or bad. Good luck!