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  1. i realized something yesterday, mirrors aren't there just for your reflection, the lighting is always placed to highlight your imperfections so we can address them. plus your mindstate (ie stress) affects your skin. in a mirror i'll look red, but coming in from outside i see my natural color slowly turn red from the associated stress. truth is, finding your skins imperfections is where's waldo, you only really find them when you look for them.
  2. These are some things I've discovered in my fight, and I know will help you out too. Cleansing is essential, a good cleanser will get rid of crap water just can't. But one problem is over-rinsing. How many times have you looked at your face after a shower and thought, holy crap, things look worse? I found it was because I was rinsing too much off of my face. My advice is rinse until you know there's no more cleanser/etc. on your face, and stop when you know you're just rinsing off your skin.
  3. There is one thing that clear skinned people do that we do not, and this is only look in your eyes. Do you think someone with clear skin spends any time looking at their skin, to see how clear it is? Nope, just look themselves in the eyes, and get a very good idea of how they look and move on with your day. So if your skin is bad, but there's no pimples that can be popped, do not look at them, just look yourself in your eyes. If it isn't a physical cure for acne, it's definitely a huge mental
  4. I had read that stress causes acne. That means, in some cases, there is a link between the mind and body when it comes to acne. One day when work was finished, I looked in the bathroom mirror as I was changing and saw a nice red new pimple. But what I did was stare at it, and think to myself "You know what, that's ok. Acne happens and I'm sure this will go away." When I got home and looked in the mirror, it was gone. A few days ago, I woke up and hadn't showered or anything. A couple hours aft
  5. 1) No chocolate 2) No cola drinks The rebuttal: there's no link between diet and acne The reality: there probably is.
  6. it's been a little over 2 months, i'm not perfectly clear, but my skin hasn't looked this good on any other regimen or theory or whatever. my skin is clearing up very nicely, very few pimples, however, there are bad weeks like with any regimen. this is easy enough that i don't have to worry about it over the day, or make it a huge part of my life, it's nothing more than a part of my shower routine, and its clearing me up. The Regimen: do what you do in the shower lather up head and shoulders a
  7. i wish all the girls who decided i didn't look good when they saw my acne had thought like this.
  8. the best part about eating healthy is that foods that are bad for you start to taste worse, and make you really feel worse. eating healthy has a lot of benefits. chocolate releases endorphins i think, so it's like a quick high.
  9. at least, if you were privileged enough to, you have a family that is there for you. for me, that family that was once there is no longer. when i leave a room, people feel better. imagine feeling bad, and you left a room because you thought you were making things worse, and when you're sitting in the dark in the basement trying to figure out this pain, you hear everyone laughing together... for the first time that night. you know they will never look at you or treat you the same ever again, wh
  10. i think they talk about this more in other boards... forget which ones though.
  11. 1) Do you suffer from acne? Yes 2) What grade of acne do you suffer from? Grade II 3) Do you feel like acne effects how introverted/extroverted (shy/outgoing) you are? acne persuades me into anti-social activity, to the point i feel better being left alone. 4) Does acne affect the likelihood of you befriending a person? (I.E. - Less likely to friend someone with bad acne.) if someone has acne, it really makes me think about it. but in the end i'll be their friend regardless of their skin.
  12. my doctor just prescribed me this, my brother has it too. i think it's working for him, but i haven't seen any drastic changes.