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  1. I am so tired of being on accutane... About a week ago (a little over) my lip cracked and busted and its been HELL since.. They are still terriblely dried out and still healing from it busting. Its SO GROSS and it HURTS. I've been really bad about taking my pills, but i've really been trying lately to take them every night so I can go ahead and get this over w/ as soon as possible. On the bright note, my skin is TERRIFIC. I love it. Its what I've always dreamed of. Keep on truckin accutan
  2. Do you have plugs in your ears or are they just big earrings? lol.
  3. How Wonderful!!!! That is absolutley amazing!!! And Romantic!!!!!! You'll have BEAUTIFUL skin on your wedding day!!!! :dance:
  4. I don't know if this is accutane related or not (but i would like to blame it). I have a stye in my eye and a big cracked lip that feels like a cyst or something... I don't know whether its just coinidence that this all happened at the same time or not but i'm in PAIN.
  5. I just got back from a week at the beach and my skin looked fantastic. For once I wasn't the one obsessing about my makeup the whole time!! I did get a terrible sunburn on my back though, from only staying out a couple of hours in the sun w/ no sunblock.. I was a dummy. Just as an FYI to you girls.. I just switched my makeup from sheer cover to Bare Minerals and bare minerals is 10X better than Sheer cover. It says on all day and just kind of melts into your skin... it looks GREAT!!!
  6. I got pretty clear on my 4th month and REALLY clear on my 5th month.
  7. Still 100% clear. I've been very lazy about taking my pills lately. I always forget to take them..
  8. One thing to keep in mind is a lot of people clear dramatically AFTER they get off accutane.
  9. Hey girl - I'm sure month 4 and 5 will bring you excellent results!!! Keep on truckin! Laurel
  10. Thank you guys! Day 2 of no makeup! I can't believe it. My skin looks so, so, so different. Certain times when I look in the mirror I can see obvious red scars but usually, I just see nice, clean, clear skin! I'm SO THRILLED!!! Seriously, I just could not be happier about my skin. Good luck to all of you too! It WILL happen!
  11. BIG NEWS TODAY!!! I haven't put ANY makeup on - not even concealer! AND on top of that, I've been to the park and grocery store!!! WOW! I don't feel stunningly beautiful this way or anything, but at least I don't think i'm hideous!! Laurel