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  1. Thank You so much Paul for this helpful bit of info - I have been desperately searching on the web, and posted to other groups as to whether or not the following supplements I am taking are harmful or helpful. The only response I receive back are advertisements to buy more vit/supplements - ugghhh! Paul, I am not sure if you had the opportunity to view my last needling thread? But these are the following vit/supplements I have been taking daily. My question is, at this point (as I see I h
  2. Honestly, for me, I viewed acne as the enemy that needed to be defeated, any way possible. Always at war!! Sadly, acne has won another battle - but I'm not giving up the war! Please don't pick! I_Luv_nascar08 - i had no idea that vaseline was bad for your skin. why is that? I believe vaseline is a petroleum based product that in some can lead to additional breakouts, at least for me. And I've only know to use vaseline for chapped lips, rashes, superficial wind burns, not wounds. Neos
  3. OHHHHHH, PLEASE STOP PICKING!! TRUST ME! Please take the time to read this, it is lengthy but very informative, It has helped me understand what I have done to myself for 20yrs! http://www.selfinjuriousskinpicking.com/ PM me, if you need to talk, I know exactly what you are going through and the obsessive need to pick your face to rid yourself of the "enemy" Trust me, they win even if you pick!
  4. Neosporin - ointment, not the cream. If you have picked to the point of a visible wound, as I have in the past - Neosporin will aide in the healing. And please, trust me on this, as I am a recovering 20yr picker - STOP - or you will scar! Trust me, I am now having to deal with being my own worst enemy to my face. If you need to talk - please PM me. BUT STOP/DON'T PICK, PLEASE!!!
  5. hmmmmm, good question ......... Well, for me I have been in a seriously comitted relationship for over a decade now - Of course we've gone through major battles - Are we winning the war? The latest is me and my face ......... he's gone to several appt's with me to consult a PS, and insists this is all in my head - like I am crazy? Is that love? Sorry, maybe I should of started my own thread, I get wordy - carried away sometimes - mind goes, atleast 1,000,000 words a mn - LOL Well, suppose I
  6. Hi Renstuff, weren't you going to see Frank @ Transitions for your needling?
  7. Justin, honestly, I think you set yourself up for failure, knowingly. First off, I can totally relate to how you feel about your face, as I continue to be a hermit and unemployed for now. Honestly, Walmart? Everyone knows this is a job where as you will be interfacing with customers (ie: people) so if you have such anxiety (and you know this already) try for a job that will not be dealing, as much with the general public. So many wonderful posters have given you excellent advice/ideas and no
  8. Hi, just wanted to add my 2cents. Considering what all the moderators have to deal with on a daily basis, I think they all do a tremendous job. This board needs to be monitored, mainly due to hostile/negative individuals who are clearly not here for hope, advice, support and guidance, as most of us are here for. Take care, good luck ........... AND GREAT JOB TO ALL THE MODERATORS!!!
  9. Dear Marvin, as a quiet lurker/researcher mostly, I wanted to comment to your post. I don't think that majority of us "hate" Justin. I think we are all just so frustrated with him. When he first joined as AcneScarredandSad05 - most of his posts were so moving and alot of us were able to relate, me being one of them, of which we all did our best, as this board was designed to do and reached out with helping hands/advice, only for Justin (aka: AcneScarredandSad05, MrGottaBeJuiced, and Mr.Gotta
  10. Hi Carol, while I was still very red/inflamed I used baking soda, as it is gentler on the skin. Frank recommended any sugar type scrub. As long as it is gentle. I just recently bought Queen Helens Apricot Scrub, but I think It might be causing me to breakout I didn't breakout with the baking soda, though. Hope this helps. Take care
  11. Hi armband! I've had 2 needling treatments by Frank @ Transitions, and he only recommends gently exfoliating with a scrub. Remember you are still healing from the treatment itself. But I can definetly sympathize with the need to shed the dead skin. Hope this helps. Good Luck
  12. IMHO, as I am a female, neither. 1-3 will eventually heal/go away. 4 - nothing but compassion!!!, as I am an acne/scar sufferer as well. "Lack of personality and down right offensive - IS UNATTRACTIVE!
  13. I’m happy to post about my 2nd needling treatment w/ Frank @ Transitions. This treatment was performed on Aug 19th, exactly 50 days after my 1st treatment. (In case you are interested, here is the link to the info for my 1st treatment) http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...topic=58760&hl= 1st I want to advise my 2nd treatments experience was more or less, similar to my 1st, except for the following: Frank performed more taps for this treatment using his specially design
  14. - for your brothers symptom's to subside, and to be healthy and well.