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  1. i use glyco 70% ever 15 days whole face even under myeyes iv seen really amazing results
  2. Oops sorry i got TCA from ebay and i use glyco 70% every 15 days i bought it from platinumskincare hope this helps yea i did 80% on my cheek i dont have redness its just anymore its just temporary and i have seen really AMAZING results my cheek was really uneven and i had pitted scars its all even by just one peel im thinking of doing it again in few weeks soo yep but i dont know what u ppl think but it has really helped me alot why do u have to worry about scras for ages while u can just i
  3. LOL its not THAT red and its just really light kinda light pink in color and i just found this cream called Mometasone furoate cream USP its for redness in just 2 hurs it kinda faded a lil soo yea anyway i did try it at home 80% yup 80 it was no big deal actually at frist it turned white and then black and i kept it moist yup keeping it moist always helps and then it peels off in 3 days and then i had red skin which peel off in 3 days and then i had pink skin and turned light in 2 weeks b4 that
  4. i did tca peel 80% on cheek area and iv seen really amazing results its been 3 weeks and i still see that redness aroud my cheek how long daose it take to go away?
  5. Q: Can you give me a rundown of what to expect? What should I expect that the other websites don't or won't tell you? A: You will need only a very short time to apply the solution to your skin. As it is applied you will feel somewhat of a burning sensation. Time your treatment for approximately 2-4 minutes. When the allotted time is up, rinse your skin. A neutralizer may be applied using a ¼ teaspoon of baking soda with 1 cup of water. Apply to the treated area. The skin may "frost" or turn w
  6. hey check this site http://cgi.ebay.com/100-TCA-100-glycolic-c...WQQcmdZViewltem
  7. i dont have those kinda deep scars i just want to have perfect complection and dont want to have any blemishes and oversized pores u know yea i know TCA makes u look horrible for a while soo do u think i should go for 40% on my face? leave it for 1 mins and wash it off?
  8. thx today i just tryed TCA 40% on my legs i left it for a min and then i washed it off i havnt seen the results yet and it did burn a bit but yea what should i expect from it?
  9. TCA peel got any % or somthing? or is it just TCA? and what results can i get from it?
  10. thx for the replay guy i did have 20% and 40% in the clinic but they charge u ALOT soo yea should i go for 40%? my scars r really mind u cant even notic them but yea still it bothers me alot
  11. hey guys i just bought glycolic acid 70% i just wanna know how to use it any tips or anything? im using this for my mild scarring