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    I like Girls and Games thats all lol its a simple and easy life for me.

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  1. My accutane, and topicals progress
  2. wow lol just wondering what have you inspired negatively lol
  3. finally a reply from you wow nah i finished accutane 3 months ago i love it best thing ever created your journal sorta inspired me to take it thankx digikitten.
  4. Hey Hey now my pics may be blurry but trust ,e when i tell you im clear armani exchange very clear as of right now 1 month off tane
  5. no its because moisture helps a pimple heal faster when your dry it takes forvever to heal and a bandaid traps moisture and the medicine.
  6. cetaphil cream thats what i use at night during my 7 month accutane and after.
  7. not conceided but ima answer this topic with opinions of others, but if i didnt have acne which i dont now i would be freaking sexy or thats what a lot of girls tell me
  8. killing yourself is the bitch way out i rather die from another than by my own hands
  9. To have great success while on accutane: Don't exercise anytime while your on accutane. Don't Smoke or Drink while on accutane. Was face only two times a day don't pop Moisturize after everytime you wash. Use a lot of lip balm. Wash hair once a month because all shampoo's will make you break out with cyst while on accutane. Try to stay away from the sun or use a SPF15 lotion. Most important once your done with accutane get a lotion with a salicylic acid in it so it makes sure you stay clear I r
  10. I use BHA because AHA changes my skin color it does for a lot of black people.
  11. Clean ad Clear Dual Action Moisturizer has mild mild .5 slaicylic acid in it which is a BHA chemical and Beta Hydroxy Acids exfoliate better than Alpha Hydroxy Acids its a proven fact.
  12. check my gallery and you decide for yourself
  13. youll be ok for my course i was on 40,60,80,80,120,120,120 youll be aiight.
  14. hey she only asked once don't spazzz unless she continues to ask your about it.