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  1. Hey guys, well heres my story. SO iv been using sea breeze with great results and i was close to perfect ( no red marks no new acne) however I went to this party and i smoked a few to many cigarettes.Wow man those cigarettes brokeme out BAD. maybe its because i wasnt use to the cigarettes in my body or something ( i hadnt had a cigarette in a few months) but anyhow it seems to be a common trend for me at least. Im wondering if anyone else has noticed this theme. Obviously smoking cigs cant be g
  2. Hey you guys, well I tried the regimen didnt work well for me to harsh, and differin was medicore but when i tried Seabreeze..DAMN that junks works awesome!!! i use it in the morning and nite and that stuff is serioulsy good...i use it now before i take a shower and its really good... i really hope u guys give it a shot..it really lifts the dirt that clogs ur pores out.... I use to have these bumps that were flesh colored and now their gone because of this seabreeze....just wanted to let u
  3. Hi, im a 20 year old asian male, light skinned and i too have had this. I currently have red patches but its not so bad as its getting flesh colored. I have used this regimen before and quit because i was having all these red dots forming therefore causeing me to quit and going back on differen. However, even tho the differen did clear up the red dots and what not, it did not get rid of the actual 'bumps' that i had. This caued me to go back on the regimen and start with a WAY WAY lower dose
  4. hey people how u all doing. Well its been 2 weeks exactly and I cant exactly say Iv had testimonial results. The BP brought all these red dots to my skin. I dont know why, but for the first time they make my acne seem much much worse than it really is. Also it seems to accentuate the dark spots on my cheek that werent so noticable before. Iv decided to cut back on the BP to about half of what I use. Im hoping excess bp is hte cause of the dots. wish me luck.
  5. hey how u doin. Man i know how u feel. My face got dosed wtih red dots safter starting the BP. Even tho my skin got smoother, i dont think it was worth all these red dots. Seriously. But at least in my mind i know i tried. Before i started this whole regimen my skin was pretty good shape. I just wanted to get rid of those flesh colored bumps. Instead get red dots all over. I wonder why its like this for us. Anyhow take care urself. Peace
  6. Day 11 Well today is saturday making it day 11 on this regimen I believe. Well I stll have red dots on my cheeks. I wish they would go away. Also on my jaw have two bumps. Strange never got those either but Im pretty sure they'll dry out. The red dots are mainly on my right cheek, Im not sure at all what they are and they started coming when I got on BP. Either Their irritation marks or something coming up to the surface. HOwever, besides teh occasional dryness i dont feel irritated at all. H
  7. hey man, just be patient. It happened to me too. its just all the bad stuff coming to the surface. I was scared too, but than i realized i saw myself clearning up after all the stuff surfaced. IF u get woozy when you take this pill, take it in the early mornings. Ex. 3 am , 6 am . Just keep a bottle of water next to you and set the alarm clock.
  8. Hey, glad someone wrote me a reply! well todays Thursday which makes it a little over a week since iv started this regimen. My left side cheek redspots are fading and it looks good. It just has an irregular color when you look at it. My right side, which has been alot more problematic in the past is doing alot better as well. It still has the red dots, but those are also fading quite quickly. The BP is doing an effective job i must say. Today i pressed a red dot that came to "head" and a littl
  9. today i had surgery so im having a hard time typing. Well, my red spots are starting to fade. To catch you all up, i get these red dots that im not quite sure what they are. ITs funny my face is clearing up slowly from my cheeks toward my jawline slowly. Even my mom noticed this. Its good stuff. Lets just hope all this red marks do go away. Has anyone heard of mederma for marks?
  10. Hey vetmed! Congrats on ur success. I have a question however. When u started this regimen did u get little red dots that seemed to surface? Not quite white heads but just red raised dots? Just wondering thanks!
  11. June 16 Hey so today Iv noticed alot more red dots on my face. I dont know what they are and only someof they are tiny tiny white heads. However, my face is way smoother than when i was on Differin. I believe these red dots are irritation dots because when i was on Differin sometimes it would happen if I went overboard with it. However, i believe the BP isnt irritating me, but its the initial wait between washing and applying the BP that bothers my skin. Its just to drying. Therefore Iv decid
  12. Dan, glad you were able to grace my log! I hope you read this but my question is, when after you wash and you wait, does your face dry out? For me this happens the most, and is when most irritation occurs for me. Not so much from the BP. My face gets really dry and I get kinda red dot rash. Just wondering. Anyhow for today June 15 I followed the same routine. Im up to one full fingers length of BP. I dont get actual pimples anymore, however I get slight red bumps with tiny white dots. B
  13. Hey does anyone know if Dans regimen works well on closed Comedones? Thats whats basically bothering me and im just wondering if im wasting my time with his regimen.Any help would be superb, thanks.
  14. June 14 12:36pm Washed wtih the nivea face wash for men and used about 2/3 of my finger of BP. My skin feels slightly tight but no flaking or any of that. What i do is take Nivea face wash and i pretty much just rub it into my cheeks and forehead for a minute each. Il also shave in the shower using gilette Foam. So yea, I dont get new pimples well at least not the big kinds, what i get from the BP however is little red bumps. I have 3 around my lips which makes me look like i have st
  15. Hey people how u all doin? Well after reading all this iv decided to finally post something. I started to try Dans regimen a little less than a week ago. However my skin is sensitive and although i havent experianced any stinging or redness, I do get dryness once i step out of the shower. My face wash is alot milder than the purpose bar however. I use Nivea face wash for men Bp 2.5% Cetaphil moisturizer. Im asian 20 male, with relatively mild skin problems. I was on minocin and di