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  1. My face is a lot better after not using anything, however I still have symptoms of rosacea so this just won't suffice for me. I think I actually have a corellation between Monster energy drinks or just plain caffiene and having bad skin, its just hard to get away from them when I work at 4:45 AM every morning.
  2. I'm pretty sure I have rosacea, being as though I have a majority of the symptoms. With that said, I will have health insurance within a couple weeks. My first plan of action is to set an appointment with a dermatologist. If he says I don't have rosacea and tries to prescribe me a bunch of topicals instead, I will then get a consultation on getting my face laser'd with Vbeam. I am sick of worrying about my face it is interfering with my school and work I am always worried about how shitty it
  3. Just lettin you know you're not alone brother, your symptoms sound exactly like mine. I'm 22 and had acne when I was a teenager but now I don't really get zits anymore, if I do its only one or 2 but nothing major. However, sometimes it seems like the occasional zits would be a lot more easier to deal with than my current condition. I have like blotchy skin, spots where its red and then where its not. The skin looks rough, my nostrils seem to be red all the time. I flush real easily as well
  4. maybe your guys' problem is that you are trying everything. I have/had the same symptoms as the original poster but have just been taking it easy on the medications lately, just try to find a face wash that is gentle and a scrub and after a week my skin already looks better than it ever has. I had the roughness/redness as well. Just gotta take it easy on your faces guys, its really delicate skin.
  5. I thought I was doing good on the regimen when I was using the eucerin skin renewal, but then I recently switched to the Cetaphil moisturizer and I notice that I am getting zits. Has anyone else used this moisturizer w/ the same results?
  6. Allright, I'm going swimming tomorrow because its going to be 95 out. I'm using the eucerin skin renewal moisturizer and bp in the morning, and at night I use bp then the walgreens AHA cream then the moisturizer. So if I go swimming tomorrow I'd rather just put a sunscreen on and skip the regimen in the morning but even with sunscreen is my skin still going to be harmed by the sun due to the sensitivity from the bp+aha? I plan on using SPF 40 I believe.
  7. don't mean to be a smartass but did you even read the regimen before you started whatever it is you're doing?
  8. allright here's a better pic of my scarring on my nose, can anyone recommend anything for this type of scarring? I can actually see little red veins, I don't think they are visible in the pic. I'd appreciate a lot of input on this if possible, thanks!
  9. I have scarring on my nose from getting it hit so much when I was playing junior hockey. I took a whack w/ a hockey stick pretty good and its been scraped up a bunch of other times from fights and what not. Anyway, there's scarring there now is there any way I can treat this? [attachmentid=1471]
  10. Thanks Revolution, I was looking all over for that AHA thread. Also, thanks for the heads up on the baking soda I won't use that. Guess I'm goin to Walgreens today. Oh yeah, I thought the Eucerin Skin Renewal had AHA in it already?
  11. I'm also on the regimen, since last Monday. Workin pretty good I believe. I donno if this is the right place to ask this but I am getting some dead skin flakes and people say to exfoliate. First of all, wouldn't that be deviating from the regimen or is it permissible? Also, what would be a good way to exfoliate, Baking soda?