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  1. I haven't but i'm really thinking about buying from them. I would like to know what people think about their acid? a lot more expensive than the 100% on ebay. I too would like to know what people think of the 100% TCA from that seller.
  2. Has anyone purchased 100% from either of these? i wonder which acid is better. It's strictly for TCA CROSS purposes. Would appreciate your opinions on them both... Thank you
  3. Thanks Linny. Didn't think anyone was gonna reply
  4. I guess you could say that. I've had a 70% glycolic and i've also had a 25% TCA. There was no comparison there.. the TCA 25% is much deeper than a glycolic 70%.
  5. Thats not how it works. TCA can me a medium/deep peel.. Glycolic is only a superficial at best. TCA penetrates the skin much deeper than glycolic, they can't even be compared for strength .. TCA wins easily.
  6. Hi. I've been doing a lot of reading on needling this past few days and have found out a lot but have a couple of questions if some of you could help? I am considering going to a tattoo parlour near hear and asking the tattooist if he'll dry tattoo my cheeks as this is where my scarring is. Would it be better to have it done dry or tell him to use water? I have a lot of mixed scarring ranging from shallow and rolling to boxcar type and i think i was wondering if it would be better to have the
  7. You've just applied an acid to your scar so it will look agitated. Just give it a week or so until it settle down again and don't panic.
  8. Thanks for your input pinky I'm going to do my peel in a week. basically your doctor used the microdermabrasion as a primer? i wonder if i went ahead and just done the peel without priming the skin, if i would still get the same peel depth if i had primed it. I'm gonna do a 20-25% one and want to get the best results i can.
  9. Not only do i have a phobia of cameras but i would be too embarrassed to take pics and post them on here.
  10. It seems to be worthwhile to have a second opinion. If you're unhappy with what the dermatologist tells you then it would probably be best to see a different dermatologist. Pity about the damn consultation fees though
  11. Hi. I am considering doing a 20-25% TCA peel next week but have a few questions. First of all, is it "essential" that i prime the skin beforehand by using either of- an aha glycolic cream for 2 weeks right up until the day of the peel, or use retin-a for a while up until a week before the procedure? and if i go ahead without using anything to prime the skin and just perform the peel.. will i still get a good peel? I would just like to know what you all use, or if you use anything at all and w
  12. he he you sound like the Queen. "How does one get in touch with her.."
  13. If you're only gonna your cheeks done it would work out a fair bit cheaper.