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  1. Pukkels_in_Holland

    Products in Holland

    Thanks to you too, Virgile! I appreciate so much your input - and it's so funny that here I have only studied Dutch since February, and I know everything that you are saying to me!!! Dutch is not an easy language to learn either! So you are actually from België then? Well, I am about 2 hours away from there, so mostly everything I need to buy will be from Nederland or Duitsland -- I am not far from the German border! But I have seen these products that you mention here - ROC (that is a
  2. Pukkels_in_Holland

    Products in Holland

    P.S. -- To Virgile85: I actually understood all of your Dutch here, and I didn't need to look anything up! I felt pretty good about that!!! Thanks again for your advice on this topic! It's much appreciated! Amy
  3. Pukkels_in_Holland

    Products in Holland

    Yeah, Neutrogena on the spot -- I bought it here and I saw no results from it. Took it back and exchanged it for this Dr. Van de Hoog stuff, which only made the world of zits come closing-in on me! It was almost as if I put the "welkom" doormat out on the front step to my face! I have to avoid the 10% bp -- Virgile85, I really completely appreciate your input and your suggestions!! Absolutely!!! I am on 5% bp as of now, and I only do spot-treatment as the 5% with Dan's regimen will ravig
  4. Pukkels_in_Holland

    Getting to know emo

    Age: 30 Sex: Female School/College: Finished that all years ago (sigh of relief) Acne status: Very mild Favorite thing about yourself: I like my teeth What would you change about yourself (other than acne): Nothing about my body, etc. Maybe my job...? Favorite movie: Adam Sandler movies (the funny ones like Happy Gilmore and Big Daddy) Favorite book: Drew Barrymore's autobiography, Little Girl Lost What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): A cartoonist Sports other interes
  5. Pukkels_in_Holland

    Products in Holland

    Hi All! I am a U.S. citizen living in Holland - And I am not a fan of buying stuff online. I recently found that bp (benzoyl peroxide) is available in Holland, but only at the pharmacy (apotheek) and miraculously without a doctor's RX (for about €3,00 per tube). BP in Holland is sold (what I have found out so far) only in 5% and 10% -- I am used to the 2.5% in America. Over-the-counter products like Clearasil and Neut. are sold here, but they are without BP! (I don't see how t