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  1. Diet can help cure Acne! TRY GREEN SMOOTHIES. The ground up greens are absorbed four times better than eating it. The antioxidants and super absorption of vitamin A worked for me. Check it out in this forum.
  2. Hi ABG Fairy. Just popped in for a minute to say how great everything is since the smoothies started. Thank god you posted or I would not have found this cure. Yes....CURE. I don't come here often anymore but just wanted to thank you again. Regards
  3. I'm really not doing anything else. And yes i would say I'm 95% clear. I still can't believe it really. I'm eating less dairy fat, I used to eat so much cheese and dairy. I'm drinking more water and less fruit juice because I get lots of fruit in the smoothies and don't want to over sugar. This is worth a try as it really costs nothing. No supplements. Life is good!
  4. Thanks Kaisen, I thought I made it clear in my first post that all info required is over in the holistic forum...where I found it. Search smoothie. My green smoothies are: into the blender......a good handfull of mixed leafy greens(spinich,kale,swiss chard,romaine lettuce) or even just spinich. Some fruit(almost anything really) and some water. If you want it cold add some frozen fruit or crushed ice. Some people complain of the flavour. I could choke it back even without the fruit, but its th
  5. Hi all. Just want to pass something along that has shown results for me. If you check my previous posts you'll see my history. I hope they don't move this post because its holistic because I want to get the message to people who just can't find a cure and have tried almost everything. (adults like me) One of my problems was I believed what most doctors say in "Diet has no effect on acne" In my case this has proven to be bullshit. In absolute desperation I now start my day with a pint and a hal
  6. Hi ABG Fairy, Yes, spinich seems to be the kicker. Although I believe what you said(or Dr. Fuhrman) about a good mix of greens. I use spinich, romaine lettuce, and Kale so far. A large handful of combined greens is the first thing in the blender. I did read something about spinich not being a good idea to consume daily because of oxalates. However further research leads me to believe there's no concern about high intakes of spinich when raw. Everything about Kale seems to be great. And Romaine
  7. Hello ABG I don't have a much time right now but just wanted to send a big thank you and give something back to this forum. The green smoothies and a diet similar to yours are providing a miracle for me. For thirty years I've dealt with this disease in a moderate form. Mino, two cycles of accutane and more illegal, mailorder tane just to maintain. However, the situation was looking bad, as I was preparing mentally to go back to the derm crying for a maintenance dose I decided to try a sugarle
  8. This is really interesting. I'm 42 and may try this routine as this shit never leaves me for long.
  9. I don't think it causes suicide. What causes suicide is when you see how great it is to be clear.....then you want more accutane because it stops working, but they won't give it to you. That causes depression.
  10. Bloodcries, what is RAM and Azelaic acid. I've done two cycles of tane and need something for maintenance other than mino.
  11. paintme, thanks again for the info. I didn't see any info on why you can't get a derm, however, I know it can happen. I know you've heard all this shit before but I would seriously get at least 1 blood test after a week of use.then one after 6 weeks. The difference with myself is that I've done two cycles of tane. Just like this disease everyone reacts differently to different things. I battled 20 years with bp,antibiotics, vitamins,diet...finally at 35 I said "give me a derm" He said "we do
  12. Well my concerned fellow sufferer. We appreciate your concern. However as far as illegal drug use goes, most of the sad cases seem to be in the heroin, coke, and crystal meth categories.
  13. yep, some of you righteous dogooders just don't get it. We are willing to risk it to get accutane. It's the only fucking thing that works for me. Don't give it to me twice and tell me that's it. You get four years of peace and that's it. Screw that. If they won't give it to me I'll find a way to get it. Keep me posted on your illigal options guys.
  14. Hi Cat, I guess I just don't have enough time in a day to be on here much. Although I appreciate the information. I'm in Canada. I've done 80 mgs daily in two five month sessions, 2000, and 2002. Both times with outstanding results.Little side effects. Getting the best results and the only four years of peace in my adult life. Right now...it will get bad it I don't drug it with something. Mino helps but not like accutane. Just four days of 40 mgs a day is enough to send oily, pimply skin away f
  15. Hi Cat, wow, remember the beginning of this when you posted "sure is quiet out there".Quite the group. I have not had time to follow closely but was back to check after the disaster. Your other first respondent bettyboops is alive and posting as well. I'm not sure where either of you are from, but I know it's the U.S. My sympathy to all affected. Back to you. Scanning through you sound like your going through hell but improving. I saw your picture once when it was posted and I understand. It
  16. No, that is not acceptable. What's next...chasing after fat people with Jenny Craig pamphlets. Sounds like a good way to pick up a kick in the junk. I haven't seen those proactive fuckups in Canadian malls. If they were to approach myself or my children I will get seriously fucking nasty. Stretch a condom over your arm and tell her you've got a cure for that stupid look on her face.
  17. Hi Betty, I don't know what effect 25mgs will have as I have not cut myself to that. The last prescription was 50 times twice a day for a week and then 50mgs once a day after that. I'm still doing the 100 a day for a bit then I will try and cut to 50 a day. Let you know how it goes but so far it seems I need the 100 for any effect.
  18. Hi Beetyboops, mino for 18 years. wow. What's a lupoid condition? My gp doesn't seem to want to send me back to the derm. He says he feels mino can be weaned to a maintenance dose of 25mg a day. I find that hard to believe but I'm at his mercey for now. Thanks for the info. Take care
  19. Hi, sorry I can't help either. But I do have an interest in low dose therapy. I do well with seven days on 40mg and three weeks off. Right now I'm on mino. What's worse, full time mino or part time tane? I'm going to ask my doc next visit. I'll be watching for your answers from your docs. Thanks.
  20. Either look people in the eyes and speak or....mind your own fucking business and look straight ahead!
  21. Hi Cat, just back to check on you. I'm sorry the tane hasn't completely kicked ass as hard as I hoped it would. Seems like you've met a good group here though...good luck and keep fighting. Oh yeah..and what the hell kind of company imposes for TWO WEEKS!
  22. Leo's book is a waste of money. If you want to try the methods there's all the info on this site. The theory diet and vitamins. To follow his program you could not have a job and must have a big bank account.
  23. Do it. Or fuck around with other shit forever. It works permanently for some. I love the stuff.
  24. Hi....I'm doing good. Like you said 'I know what works for me" It's just a matter of having meds on hand and using them when required. Take care.