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  1. This is very interesting. Everything youve wrote above there mirrors my own struggle for the last 10 years. All the meds/Diiet changes and supplements are identical to my own experience... except ive never tried Iron supplements. That will be my next purchase for sure. Any updates?
  2. Hi The first week was very good. All the pimples seemed to dry up. Since starting week 2, I have experiened my normal levels of pimples again. Would you say to continue for atleast 3 weeks or if im already relapsing say this treatment is not for me? I was using 70% rubbing alcohol for the first few days then switched to hibiclens since. Many thanks!
  3. Hey everyone. Just posting to say I started applying 70% rubbing alcohol to my nose and ears tonight. I did buy some Neosporin too but I've read many in this thread so it stops working after a while. I had traditional acne as a young teen on my face and chest. Used BP religiously for years. It settled a bit in my early 20's but then I started to get large painful inflamed whiteheads around my lower mouth and chin. Over the years they have gotten worse. I'm now 35 and the last few years h
  4. Hi guys. Still battling on myself. The pustules around my mouth are getting better, but I've really been struggling with the PF on my cheeks and temples this week. Started using sulfur soap on my cheeks and they have become so red and dry. Going back to the avène gentle cleanser instead. I picked up some Lotirim Ultra antifungal cream and some Benton Aloe Propolis moisturiser and will see how that goes. I applied the Lotirim last night and was really surprised at how much the PF had gon
  5. I've had my suspicions for a little while that the large pustules around my mouth aren't fungal, where as the PF is small, these things are huge.. What makes it more frustrating is that before I started antibiotics for the pustules around my mouth, I had zero PF on my face. Now, after Doxycycline, I still have the large pustules around the mouth, but I also have PF too! - Cheers dermatologist! Anyways, I believe I've made the pustules worse by using Sulfur ointment and leaving it on for an ext
  6. Do either of you get rather large, inflamed whiteheads around your mouths? - Im wondering if this is PF or just regular acne? I'm spot treating with sulfur ointment (leaving on all day - which I realise I shouldn't be doing) Sounds positive regarding the ciclopirox olamine. I'll probably give that a shot next week.
  7. Hey guys, sorry for the late reply. The main ingredient in Lamisil is terbinafine. Speaking of which, I've stopped using it as of the last couple of days as it doesn't seem to be doing much too help. I Started using sulfur ointment as a spot treatment over the last few days and I can't believe how well it dries up the big pustules I get around my mouth. Azelaic acid seems to be helping with the PF on my cheeks. I've also picked up some Hascofungin which contains Ciclopirox Olamine fro
  8. I have tried the clotrimazole and ketaconzole creams Take a look at Lamisil. I've been using it for the last week and have been very happy with the results
  9. What anti fungal creams have you tried?
  10. Well I've decided to massively cut down on the booze. Gonna try and have a week off completely (not something I've done in a long time) my diet is pretty decent already. I don't eat dairy and my gluten and sugar intake is always really low. Maybe a slice of wholewheat bread here and there and a couple of squares of 85% dark chocolate. I eat a lot of turmeric, garlic and cinnamon. Take vit C, zinc, cod liver oil, candida Pro biotic and apple cider vinegar. Last night I washed my cheeks with Ce
  11. I had a particularly bad weekend. I started using the squalane oil mixed with my moisturiser and have developed what appear to be newly forming pimples around my chin. I find that the sulfur soap helps around my mouth, but it really burns my cheeks and makes everything redder. At a loss with what to do. I hate this. Any thoughts on diet and alcohol? I've been drinking a lot lately
  12. Hello I really don't think the itraconazole is doing much, but I'm still taking it (4 days left) Still using the sulfur soap and I find the longer I leave it on before rinsing, the better. I'm using azelaic acid on the PF areas and a little bit of benzoyl peroxide on the spots around my mouth. I was finding that the avène moisturiser wasn't hydrating enough, so I picked up some Squalane oil to add to it and its making a huge difference. Onwards!
  13. Hello, could you let me know the name of the sulfacetamide you are using. Day 3 of the itraconazole and no difference yet. I did pick up some miconazole and lamisil creams too
  14. Thanks for your posts. I went on Doxycycline last Oct for 'acne' and since I've come off it ive development many of these small inflammed bumps on my cheeks and chest. The chest area cleared up naturally but my cheeks seem to break out every week consistently. I've been using a 10% Sulfur soap which really helps keep the pustules around my mouth at bay, but it always seems to burn my cheeks and make the issue worse there. I've also been using Nizoral a few times a week on my head. Just picke
  15. Has anyone had any success in using VG only juice? My skin had really flared up again recently and I'm going back down next vaping/acne rabbit hole.