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  1. yes it is, and all over the world aswell
  2. i would think it would have been safer in the first month rather than the last month
  3. You will puke more easily. That's about it. perhaps get drunker more easily, but the mix wont settle nicely in your stomach. besides that, Cheers
  4. My skin is flaking from the retin a. Should i be moisturizing or use even less retin a than i'm using right now? During cold temperatures your skin dries out right???
  5. I just wanted to know.... Have you ever gotten a bad breakout thought it was the initial breakout, get better and then soon get another "initial"breakout??? My acne goes in cycles and I can't figure it out. I get hormonal acne no doubt so does that mean I'm doomed to 1 or 2 breakouts a month? Perhaps I had hit my breakout peek and will see results.
  6. I've been at it for 4 weeks, and this week is my worst week. Hopefully 2 more weeks and I'll see results.
  7. i think all retin a does is make pimples smaller and gets rid of them faster.
  8. perhaps it is because of the change of weather or the stress
  9. retin A micro. Well i bought lubriderm moisturizer. non pore clogging so i hope it helps. I've been getting dry lips and on the sides. thats why i say i'm getting dry. also between the eyes gets dry. What do you think about retin A micro anyways compared to the rest?
  10. I know I've never talked to you, but I think it's the stress that's making you break out. Recently I've been really stressful, (school, work, outside relations) and I noticed a big break out today. This weekend has not been fun. Perhaps you are experiencing a lot of stress aswell. Probably everyone is more stressful around this time of year right?? MY derm told me even accutane can't prevent stress from making you break out, and its true!