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  1. Right its been a long haul but Im back on the boards to fill you in. After 8 months waiting to get on accutane I stared the course as of the 7th Nov 2003, at just 20mg a day. 6 weeks later my doseage was doubled (one in morning one in evening). I am now and have been for about 3 weeks completely clear from acne. I have some slight scarring which has dramatically improved since starting the course of accutane. Yes my skin is slighty dry, but a good cheap moisturiser does the job ( I use Oil of
  2. Ok I havent been on these boards for ages because I have had such an awesome improvment to my skin. I had severe acne (as my doctor diagnosed) this was over 50% of my face - mainly cheeks and chin/jaw. I tried everything- with no results. After seeing several "professionals" I worked out my own regeime and now my skin is 80-90 clear I have maybe 1 active pimple at a time. I was advised to buy Glycollic products (cleanser and night cream) not cheap but its worked.( I brought them from a skin cl
  3. OK - can I join the venting team? this is what i hate- waking up in a flat and being too embarrased to walk fromt he shower to my room without makeup on- or to be able to sit in the lonuge and watch tv- or cook brekkie! I hate knowing that if I dont put my "Mask" on then everyone would be thinking- im glad my skin doesnt look like that! I hate that concela drys up and rubs off and gets caught in skin crusts and makes it look worse! And I really hate how firends complain when they have "one pimpl
  4. hey guys! Yes I am a kiwi- from Auckland actually (howd you guess?) Living here with aussies that take the crap out of my acent all the time- oh man. Thanx for the replys- so far so good and keeping fingers crossed!
  5. Ok guys I cant believe it either. Firstly let me give you some background info. I have had great skin my whole life ( I used to be on dianne35 though not specifically for acne), then suddenly january this year my face exploded in cystic acne . I have spent prob around $700NZD on all these "miricle" products that did S**t all. After being on this site for a coupe of weeks I've picked up some great tips and decided to start my own version of the regime. I swear after using this method My skin (i
  6. In the mornings and at night I wash my face with neutrogena soap for oily/ acne prone skin (I have dry skin) but this gives a really good clean. I then use neutrogenas Clear pore facial wash (again for oily acne prone skin) this stuffs great. I know different products work different for everyone but I have only used this combination of neutrogena products for a week and have alreasy got great results- and you can get all 3 (soap bar, face wash and moisturiser) for under 10 quid- cant go wrong!
  7. I use E45 Moisturising lotion (2nd to last on page 1 if you search e45 on boots) its thick enough to give you moisture alll day- really good for moisture at night and good for the itching when your skin is healing. Doesnt go gready and doesnt clog pores- and its cheap!!!!!!!!!Are you on roaccutane? let me know how it goes
  8. Sorry - roaccutane (accutane). Honestly, I know youve probbly heard it on these boards 1000 times, but that nutrogena mutivitamin is worth everypenny. When I think of how much money Ive spent on crap that doesnt even work I cringe when that it was under my nose all along- give it a try! I have been using it for 4 days and already noticed a dramatic improvment. Good luck - heres to a spot free summer 03!
  9. Hi Ya, i had the same problem too, at the moment I am using neutogena mutivitamin which is available from boots for about 4 quid. If you are on roac and your skin is dry- I have found an excellent moisturiser to be anything frm the E45 rangee (again available at boots and most pharmacies) especially the one formulated for dry skin in the tube. hope this helps!
  10. Can anyone please reccomend a decent face mask and exfoliant avaiable in the UK. Thanx! D
  11. Could someone please tell me if this is sold here? I used it back in NZ and it was great!
  12. Hi all, so weve all gathered that roaccutane prob will not help scaring but could anyone tell me if it helps red marks? I think this is half my problem (damn 10% BP). Any advice appreciated! xD
  13. Good stuff- keep the faith! I had mild acne 3 years ago and diane was amazing -although probably took 3 months to get dramatic results- its worth it. Unfortunatly for me my acne has come back with a vengence after 1 year off diane and I am about to start back on the diane35/ roaccutane combo. Keep your fingers crossed for me! D