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  1. Ive been on diane for 3 1/2 months now. I got severe adult acne in about March this year but always suffered mild acne growing up. I tried lots of things before i went to the dr but nothing worked! 3 and 1/2 months and my face is a lot clearer! I get new pimples prob every three days or so but they are only little and go a lot quicker. Ive still got red marks which r slowly going away. Def improvement but it has taken this long and there is still abit to go before my face is totally clear! Side
  2. This stuff gave me a allergic reaction. Goes to show not everything is for everyone. I did see results within two weeks tho. Moving on to the next thing..
  3. Ive just started on 100mg per day, so one tablet morning and one at night. My doctor said this is only to begin with to get the ball rolling. I would clarify with your doctor if this is just a short term dose cos that is pretty high!
  4. Ive been on it for nearly three weeks, taking two tablets morning and two at night. At first it seemed it was working, inflammation went down heaps and pimples were smaller but three weeks into it im still getting white heads and some of the pimples are coming up inflammed again. Def NOT a major improvemnt at all. If you could actually see my skin it would have a nice glow to it, thats all i can say thats good about acnepril at the moment. Ive heard that you should give at least 6 weeks to reall
  5. Exercise is one of the most important things you could do for your body, your skin and your complexion...I used to always go for a run on the treadmill, not only did my face look healthier I had tones more energy and always in a good mood. Recently I had a knee Op and I havent been exercising and let me tell you i notice the difference...You need exercise to make your quality of life as best as it can be. My advice if you worried about break outs (which you might get at first) Drink plenty of wa
  6. Ive been on BP for nearly four months now, and i started with 2.5% because i know what my skin is like (very sensitive) and i knew it would dry up pretty bad. I did break out, it went on for ages..Ive recently moved on to 5% BP and my skin is clearing up, alot more flaky and dry but it seems to be clearing up. Im expecting a break out soon, but i guess thats what happens with the BP. Hang in there, one step at a time, and dont go rushing into it with 10% BP start of slowly...thats my advice any
  7. Has anyone here tried clean & clears active clear soothing moisturiser? Its from Johnson & Johnson. Its oil-free but it tends to make me break out more I think. Does anyone here who has tried it had good results? It feels great on the skin, nice and soft so I dont know if im being paranoid that its making me break out...Whats ur views? Christy-lee
  8. ok, whats this about B5? Ive never heard of it before, could someone fill me in please? Thankyou Christy-lee
  9. Great site Dan! Im going to try your regimen but iam worried about irritation. Some advice if I may? Iam currently using Clearasil Daily face wash which the active ingredient is Phenoxyisopropanol 2.0% (Gee thats a long word). This does tend to leave my face dry and i have (for moths now) been getting red marks under my noise (like irritation marks im guessing). Iam worried about starting this regimen as i know that irritation is def a possibility with BP as my skin irritates easily. Apart from