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  1. Thank you sadcaroline for bringing this up!!! I have now tried this for 1,5 weeks and it is actually working! Or at least I think it's working. Haven't had a single break-out since I started, and I usually get at least a couple of new pimples every week. I'm not as disciplined as sadcarline - I use the 10min before and 1hr after method. And I don't eat at regular times, but I do have at least 4 meals per day. It's working for me! I'm so happy!
  2. I am finally acne free!!!! Woohoooo!!! Now the only thing remaining is to get rid of those pesky red marks... I've read several posts here about CP, aloe vera gel, etc. But what is the most effective way to get rid of these redmarks?
  3. Anyone with experience from differin usage?
  4. I've been using Differin for 10 days now. My main problem is a lot of whiteheads under the skin. My derm prescribed me Differin and Tetracyclin to get rid of it but there's been no change. How long does it usually take for the Differin to show results?
  5. I have always been more exposed to acne in the winter. I haven't added anything else to my regimen. I have decided to cut down on the mandelic acid; just once per day from now on. Would it do any harm to apply moisterizer several times a day?
  6. Lately I've had a lot of breakouts. Could the winterdryness (it's cold here in Norway) be the cause of this? I've been using the mandelic acid (10%) for almost three months now and not untill the last couple of weeks I've been breaking out all over my face. I use the mandelic acid twice a day and I also use the mandelic moisterizer and mandelic night lotion. My skin has been feeling very dry lately and the breakouts are very much like cysts, although they surface much quicker than usual. Also
  7. When I first started using the mandelic acid I had a lot of active acne. After one week of using the mandelic acid I was acne free. Now, these cysts are deep under my skin and they don't hurt when I touch them. Seems like they're just small bubbles with pus. Is there a safe way to pop these, or should I just wait for them to surface (though it doesn't seem like that will ever happen)? I have some PEL Redness & Blemish Control, would this help with the cysts? I haven't dared applying any yet.
  8. I have started developing several cysts after using the mandelic acid (10%) solution for 3-4 weeks. It's like 4-5 cysts. Is this the mandelic acid working? Will the mandelic acid eventually get rid of these cysts? I have also several whiteheads that won't go away. Will the mandelic acid eventually get rid of them as well? Hope someone can help me.
  9. I have noticed lately that perhaps my diet causes me to break out (cysts). Lately I have eaten the following. Which is most likely the cause of this: Hamburger, Pizza and Chicken Tandoori? I eat bread on a regular basis, so that can't be the cause. I don't eat much fruit, and I drink a lot of water.
  10. I have now used the 10% mandelic acid solution for a week. The results have been great. My red marks are fading quickly. However, the acid seemed to work best in the beginning. Lately it doesn't seem to have any effect. Is this normal? Should I try the 15% solution?
  11. Thank you for your reply GirlyGirl! The area I applied the it on has a lot of tiny bumps like you described. Now, it seems that some of the bumps have vanished. I use glycolic acid together with the neutrogena. I first apply the glycolic acid, wait a couple of minutes and then apply the neutrogena. Is this bad?
  12. Hello I've been using Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment (salicylic acid) for the last three days. This morning my face broke out. Should I stop using it, or should I continue? Is it normal to break out in the beginning?
  13. =D> Thank you very much! You have been most helpful. I think I'll try the M.D. Forte's Facial Lotion along with the Paula's Choice BHA lotion. I'm still a bit skeptical about the BP, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to just try and apply some in minor portions. Again, thank you!
  14. sweetchica - I've heard that BP irritates the skin, so I'm not sure whether to try it or not. Perhaps I should try the AHA and BHA based solutions. Do you know of any products based on BHA?
  15. I heard from a person in the 'Regimen' forum that BP is much better for treating whitehead. Now I'm confused. Should I continue the vinegar treatment or should I stop and start with BP? What are the cons and pros of both treatments? Any suggestions would be very helpful.